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Item NumberDescriptionCompanyPriceSee ItIn
A 211Brown plastic, 3 piece, no key, light weightAulos$62.00n/ayes
YRT-304BBrown Plastic, C/C# keys, cloth caseYamaha$78.00n/ayes
A 511BPlastic, dark brown, vinyl case, C/C# KeysAulos$95.00n/ayes
MH5406Pearwood tenor, keyless, Denner, soft caseMollenhauer$650.00n/ayes
MCK 4424Boxwood tenor, Rottenburgh, C/C# keys, hard caseMoeck$850.00n/ayes
MH5416Pearwood tenor with C/C# keys, Denner, hard caseMollenhauer$900.00n/ayes
MCK 4405Rosewood tenor, Rottenburgh, keyless, hard caseMoeck$950.00n/ayes
MH4427Dream tenor, Pearwood natural, C/C# keysMollenhauer$1050.00n/ayes
MH5431Cherry with C/C# keys, Denner, hard caseMollenhauer$1050.00n/ayes
MCK 4427Grenadilla tenor, Rottenburgh, C/C# keysMoeck$1300.00n/ayes
MH4417Kynseker, maple, stained, key, leather case Mollenhauer$1300.00n/ayes
MH4407Kynseker, maple, stained, keyless, leather case Mollenhauer$825.00n/ano
MCK 4425Rosewood tenor, Rottenburgh, C/C# keys, hard caseMoeck$1250.00n/ano
TE4428Dream edition Tenor, Plumwood, hard case, C/C# keyMollenhauer$1300.00n/ano
MH4418Kynseker, Plum, stained, fontanella, hard case Mollenhauer$1650.00n/ano
MCK5456Hotteterre, double key, Boxwood, Stained, 415Moeck$1700.00n/ano