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Recorder Rest

Item NumberDescriptionCompanyPriceSee ItIn
STRW5Plastic thumb rest, white, clip on, altoKelischek$1.50n/ayes
TS-3Plastic thumb rest for Soprano A 503Aulos$1.00n/ayes
STR0Plastic Thumb rest, assorted, clip on, sopraninoKelischek$1.00n/ayes
STR2Plastic Thumb rest, clear, clip on, sopranoKelischek$1.25n/ayes
STRW2Plastic thumb rest, white, clip on, SopranoKelischek$1.25n/ayes
STRW4Plastic thumb rest, white, clip on, alto/sopranoKelischek$1.50n/ayes
STR5Plastic Thumb rest, clear, clip on, altoKelischek$1.50n/ayes
ATHRPlastic Thumb rest, whiteKelischek$1.50n/ayes
STRB2Plastic thumb rest, brown, clip on, sopranoKelischek$1.50n/ayes
TA-3Plastic thumb rest for Alto A 209N,A 309,A 509Aulos$1.50n/ayes
STR4Plastic Thumb rest, clear, clip on, altoKelischek$1.50n/ayes
STR3Plastic Thumb rest, clear, clip on, soprano/altoKelischek$1.50n/ayes
STR6Plastic Thumb rest, clear, clip on, tenorKelischek$1.75n/ayes
XTHRSOPWhite Plastic screw on Thumbrest for SopranoKelischek$1.75n/ayes
TT-3Plastic thumb rest for Tenor 511Aulos$1.75n/ayes
STRW6Plastic thumb rest, white, clip on, tenorKelischek$1.75n/ayes
XTHBSOPBrown Plastic Thumbrest for Soprano with small pegKelischek$1.75n/ayes
XTHRALTWhite Plastic screw on Thumbrest for AltoKelischek$1.75n/ayes
ZE.ARThumb rest for Alto G-1AZen-On$2.00n/ayes
ThumbBSnThumb rest, Black lacquer, sopranino, taperAttunedOrg$4.00n/ayes
STRS6set of 6 clear thumb restsKelischek$6.00n/ayes
XTHAGRTThumb rest, Grenadilla for alto or tenorMagnamusic$12.00n/ayes
TkWTThumb rest, Walnut, TenorThumbkin$13.00n/ano
TkMAThumb rest, Maple, AltoThumbkin$13.00n/ayes
TkAAThumb rest, Ash, AltoThumbkin$13.00n/ayes
TkBTThumb rest, Birch, TenorThumbkin$13.00n/ayes
TkAcAThumb rest, Acacia or Pau Farro, Alto-red brownThumbkin$13.00n/ayes
XTHMKBABrass Bass ThumbrestMoeck$13.00n/ayes
TkLTThumb rest, Lilac, Tenor- reddish purple dark woodThumbkin$13.00n/ayes
TkEUAThumb rest, Eucalyptus, Alto- dark brownThumbkin$13.00n/ayes
TkWAThumb rest, Walnut, AltoThumbkin$13.00n/ayes
TkMTThumb rest, Maple, TenorThumbkin$13.00n/ano
TkLAThumb rest, Lilac, Alto- reddish purple dark woodThumbkin$13.00n/ano
TkREAThumb rest, Red Elm, Alto- medium brownThumbkin$13.00n/ano
TkCAThumb rest, Cherry, AltoThumbkin$13.00n/ano
TkBAThumb rest, Birch, AltoThumbkin$13.00n/ano
TkROAThumb rest, Russian Olive, Alto- dark brownThumbkin$13.00n/ano
TkWsAThumb rest, Walnut sap wood, Alto lighter woodThumbkin$13.00n/ano