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ED10467Yugoslav Folkdances for three recorders(Allen)SSAs$16.95image
LPM PC 1030 Chansons(Attaingnant)3i(3vo)s$12.50image
MK 712Auld Scots Songs(Autenrieth)SATs$6.00image
MK 808Lord, Lord, Lord, four spirituals for three recorders(Autenrieth)SAT3s$6.50image
MK 829/830Old English Songs(Autenrieth)SAT3s$9.00image
Z14285Chamber Music for Three Treble Recorders from the 14th-18th centuries(Bali)AAAs$19.45image
PAN 818Love songs from the Spanish Court, Music from the 15 Century(Barbieri)STB vo s$21.00image
UE35731Recorder Trio Junior, Vol. 1(Beutler & Rosin)SSA/ SAAp & s$21.95image
UE 35733Recorder Trio Junior, Vol. 3(Beutler & Rosin)SS(A)Ap & s$21.95image
P541Easy Celtic Arrangements(Birch)SATs$9.00image
MK 313Macedonian Folk Tunes(Bresgen)SATs$5.00image
MK 365Old Hungarian Tunes, Book I(Bresgen)SATs$5.00image
MK 389/390Twelve Songs and Dances of Hungarian Gypsies(Bresgen)SATB/STB/SATs$8.00image
SP 2316Musicke from Olde England(Burakoff & Strickland)SATs$3.50image
ED 8758Classic Hits(Butz)SSSs$14.95image
ED11550Four Early Tudor Trios(Cannel)SATs$7.95image
F856The Trio Collection, Vol. 1 four trios including Yellow Rose of Texas(Carey & Prescott)SATp & s$20.00image
PP 109Riturinu(Clark)SSAs$3.75image
SP 2344Trios International(Clark)SATs$3.75image
DER1018Easy Trios for Recorders(Duschenes)SSAs$16.00image
WH 28061Triospil(Friis)SSAs$2.75image
PBE 48Brazilian Folk Songs(Goldstein)SAT/STB3s$9.95image
PP 62Trios for Basses(Goldstein)BBBp & s$13.25image
ARTBAlto Recorder Trio Book(Haas)AAAs$30.00image
BRTBBass Recorder Trio Book(Haas)BBBs$20.00image
SP 2346Irish Airs & Dances(Harrington)SAT(G)s$2.95image
MK2511Pieces in three Parts from the Glogau Song Book, 19 pieces(Hechler)3is$22.00image
N4500O, du lieber Augustin, Book I, anthology of 26 pieces(Heger)SATs$17.25image
N4525O, du lieber Augustin, Book II, anthology of 28 pieces(Heger)SATs$14.00image
N2231Spielbuch for 3 Alto recorders(Heilbut)AAAs$16.50image
N3963Trio Spielbuch I(Herrmann)3is$24.50image
N3976Trio Spielbuch II(Herrmann)3is$23.00image
EN 512Music for Three(Hillmann)SSAs$12.00image
P516Polish Folk Song Suite(Hooker)ATBp & s$11.00image
ST 10019Twelve National Airs(Hunt)SATs$8.95image
P566Seaside Favourites(Jones)SATp & s$15.50image
6056Music of the Baroque for Three Recorders(Katz)SS(A)A(T)s$10.99image
6059Music of the Renaissance(Katz)SSAs$7.99image
ECS2053Recorder Consort for Recorder Trio, Book I(Katz)SSAs$7.85image
ECS2063Recorder Consort for Recorder Trio, Book II(Katz)SSA/SATp & s$13.00image
ED 7858Old French Dances(Keetman/ Ronnefeld)SSA percs$17.99image
LMP 14Madrigals, Vol. II, Johnson, Holborne, Jones(Koulman)SSAs$2.50image
MK 421Five Brazilian Folk Melodies(Lacerda)SATs$5.00image
HARA 142Classical Trios(Lewin, A.)SATp & s$11.00image
HAEE 18Trios from the Tudor Court for three voices and/or instruments(Lewin, A.)3 vo (3 i)p & s$13.75image
MK 597/598Three Voiced Occasional Music at the Spainish Court(Linde Hoffer v. Winterfeld)ATBs$10.00image
CVP 30I Love my Love(Lindvall)STBp & s$5.00image
CVP 14Scarborough Fair(Lindvall)STB3s$5.00image
CVP 16Simple Gifts(Lindvall)SAB3s$5.00image
CVP 02AThe Ash Grove, Revised 2014(Lindvall)SAT3s$5.00image
CVP 52The Lark in the Clear Air(Lindvall)ATBp & s$5.00image
N3977Renaissance bis Romantik, Album for SAT(Lutz)SATs$28.50image
N4538Pastime with Good Company, Music from England(Mandelartz)SAT/SAA/STTs$19.00image
N4539Tarantella, Musik aus Italien(Mandelartz)SAA, AAT, SST, ATT, SATs$21.50image
HARA 126Six Pieces from the Buxheimer Orgelbuch(Mayes)STT(ATT)p & s$13.00image
ED10363Dances from Playford(Meech)SS(A)T(A)s$16.95image
MK 370Eight Italian Folksongs(Monkemeyer)SSS(A)s$5.50image
FOS 4Native American Tunes(Moore)SAT/SATBs$7.95image
TR 66Gastoldi and others, Short Restoration Songs for Three Voices(Nagel)3 vo, TTB, TrTrBs$3.50image
MK 814Ancient Tunes in New Consorts, Melodies from the British Isles(Newerkla)ATB/SABp & s$7.00image
MK 172Nun dieser Tag is Vergangen, Lieder zur Nacht, Songs of Night(Oberborbeck)SAT vos$3.50image
MK 300Musik der Gotik(Ochs)SSAs$4.00image
CH61422Recorder Trios from the Beginning, Pupil's Book(Pitts)SSA,SAA,SATp$9.95image
MK 256Blues and Spirituals(Poletzky)A(S)ATs$5.00image
6060Music of the Royal Court (Rococo and Gallant Styles)(Reichenthal)SSAs$4.95image
MK 617/618Artlander Bauerntanze Vol. I, Farmer's Dances(Roos)SABs$6.00image
UE 31478Debussy: The Little Negro, Trotto, Beutler: Uncle Knick-Knack(Rosin)AAT(B)p & s$19.95image
UE31481La Paloma, Carmela, Albeniz Tango(Rosin)SABp & s$18.95image
UE 31476Mozart:Das Butterbrot, Grieg:Elfentanz, Couperin:Le Tic-Toc-Choc(Rosin)SAAp & s$17.95image
UE 31475My Heart Will Go On, Blue Train, Amazing Grace(Rosin)S(A)TBp & s$18.95image
UE31482Recorder Trios a la carte, Irish Coffee, 5 Irish tunes(Rosin)SABp & s$18.50image
ED 5298From the Baroque Era and Rococo(Runge)AAAs$16.99image
MK 670Li'l Brown Jug(Sanders)6i,3 musicianss$5.00image
OFB 151Glogauer Liederbuch, three part pieces(Stockert)SAT(B)s$15.95image
SP 2349A Gaelic Suite(Strickland)SATs$3.95image
DOL 131English Madrigals for Recorders, Volume I, 11 Madrigals for 3 Recorders(Thomas)AATs$9.00image
DOL 153The Renaissance Trio Book, 69 Pieces for mixed combinations of recorders(Thomas)3rs CD$32.00image
MK 30Popular German Folksongs, Part I(Wolter)SS(A)A(T)s$5.50image
MK 658La Laine des Moutaines, Six French Folksongs(Zaniol)SAA(T)s$5.00image
FED007Tico, TicoAbreu (Nitz)ATB3s$14.00image
LPM EML 3113 MotetsAgricolaATB(3vo)3s$5.25image
LPM EML 2575 ChansonsAgricola3vo(3i)3s$7.75image
LPM EML 2045 Instrumental PiecesAgricolaSAT3s$9.75image
LPM EML 143De tous biens playne, 2 settingsAgricola3i3s$6.00image
LIT039Providence Raptors, Part I and IIAllenSAT, ATBp & s$45.00image
HBR 27Wei lieblich ist der MaiAngererAABp & s$21.00image
LPM EML 1263 Instrumental Pieces from the Henry VIII ManuscriptAnonATB3s$5.50image
LPM EML 1374 Early Chansons RustiquesAnon3i3s$5.25image
LPM EML 150La Tricotee (3 settings)Anon3vo(3i)3s$6.00image
LPM EML 2932 Anonymous Chansons Rustiques (1541)Anonymous3vo(3i)3s$5.25image
LPM EML 1132 French Songs of the fifteenth centuryAnonymous3vo(3i)3s$6.00image
LPM EML 1675 English Songs of the 15th CenturyAnonymousATT(vo)3s$9.75image
LMP 234Benedicamus Domino XIX from the Codex de Las HuelgasAnonymous3i3s$13.00image
MK2519Two Compositions from Roman de FauvelAnonymousAATs$10.95image
IRCS 19A15th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. IaAnonymous3ip & s$12.00image
IRCS19A IRCS19B15th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. Ia and 1b with Original Notation Part booksAnonymous3ip & s set$56.00image
IRCS 19B15th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. IbAnonymous3ip & s$14.00image
IRCS 2015th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. IIAnonymous3ip & s$11.50image
IRCS 2115th Cent. Anonymous Chansons, Vol. IIIAnonymous3ip & s$15.00image
DMM 2Supplement to IRCS 19a & 19b Tutor and part books, original and modern notation Anonymous3ip & s$56.00image
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