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CCFChristmas Carols with a Friend(Bishop)TrBs$15.00image
STRIRISHSolos for Treble Viol! Irish Tunes(Bishop)Trs$15.00image
STRJEWISHSolos for Treble Viol! Jewish Melodies(Bishop)Trs$15.00image
MSM200Consorts from the Depths: Works for Six Bass Viols(Connelly)BBBBBBp & s$26.00image
MSM039Duets for Treble and Tenor Viols(Connelly)TrT2s$21.00image
MSM096Duets for treble viols or violins: An English Renaissance Miscellany(Connelly)TrTr (VV)2s$25.00image
MSM092Duets for treble viols or violins: Easy baroque duets(Connelly)TrTr (VV)2s$21.00image
MSM093Duets for treble viols or violins: The European Renaissance(Connelly)TrTr (VV)2s$25.00image
MSM050Easy Viol Consort Series: 3 part music(Connelly)TrTB3s$26.00image
MSM042Easy Viol Consort Series: 4 part music(Connelly)TrTrTB4s$32.00image
MSM051Easy Viol Consort Series: 5 part music(Connelly)TrTrTTB5s$35.00image
MSM112Intermediate Viol Consort Series in Four Parts, Book I(Connelly)TrTrTB4s$32.00image
MSM113Intermediate Viol Consort Series in Four Parts, Book II(Connelly)TrTrTB4s$32.00image
MSM194The Treble Viol Book, Vol. 4, Music from Playford's Musick's Hand-Maid(Connelly)Trs$21.00image
CMP 460First Solos for the Treble Viol(Crum)Trs$16.00image
CMP 450First Solos for the Tenor Viol(Crum)Ts$16.00image
CMP 440First Solos for Bass Viol(Crum)Vdgs$17.00image
CMP 432AIntermediate Solos for the Treble Viol(Crum)Tr Bcp & s$21.00image
CMP 432BIntermediate Solos for the Tenor Viol(Crum)Tn Bcp & s$21.00image
CMP 432CIntermediate Solos for the Bass Viol(Crum)Vdg Bcp & s$21.00image
DE 4A Baroque Christmas, 12 English Carols(DeLoach)2 Vdgs$12.00image
DE 2Joyeux Noël, 12 French Christmas Carols for 2 Bass Viols(DeLoach)BBs$12.00image
PME12-TCPassamezzo Method Ensemble Music, Books 1 and 2, Alto clef version(Elhard)TrTr(T)TBs$19.95image
PME12-TGPassamezzo Method Ensemble Music, Books 1 and 2, Treble clef(Elhard)TrTr(T)TBs$19.95image
CMP 47731 Easy Duos for two viols(Gammie)BB,TB,TrBp & s$16.00image
CMP 409Airs de Ballet, French Dances of the 17th and 18th Centuries(Gammie)TrBp & s$24.00image
CMP 483Chorale Preludes(Gammie)TrTrTBp & s$13.00image
CMP 407Solos with Basso Continuo, Book 1(Gammie)B(T,Tr)Bcp & s$8.00image
EW 92713 Divisions for Tenor viol and Bc(Heinrich)T Bcp & s$27.00image
CMP 418Cambridge Consorts(Payne)TrTrTTBp & s$60.00image
OM514French Duets for two Bass Viols(Valencia & Carter)BB2 s$28.00image
OM513French Duets for two Tenor Viols(Valencia & Carter)TT2 s$28.00image
OM512French Duets for two Treble Viols(Valencia & Carter)TrTr2 s$28.00image
OM527London Duos for two Bass Viols(Valencia & Carter)BB2 s$26.00image
OM526London Duos for two Tenor Viols(Valencia & Carter)TT2s$26.00image
OM525London Duos for two Treble Viols(Valencia & Carter)TrTr2 s$26.00image
N188810 Solo works for Viola da Gamba without bassAbelVdgs$17.50image
CAP040Music for Solo Viola da Gamba facsimileAbelVbgp & s$32.00image
G343Pembroke Collection, 30 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Basso, Vol. 1, A2:10-19AbelBBp & s$26.75image
G344Pembroke Collection, 30 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Basso, Vol. 2, A2:20-27AbelBBp & s$26.75image
G251Second Pembroke Collection, Four Duets A3:1-4AbelBBp & s$26.50image
G063Six Easy Sonatas, IV-VI, WKO 141-146AbelB Bcp & s$25.00image
VDGS 22Six Sonatas for Unaccompanied Viola da GambaAbelVdgs$6.75image
HM 39Six Sonatas I, Sonata in e minor, Sonata D major, Sonata G majorAbelVdg Bcp & s$22.00image
HM 40Six Sonatas II, Sonata in C major, Sonata A major, Sonata A majorAbelVdg Bcp & s$26.00image
G142Sonata, Viola da Gamba solo Senza Basso from the Pembroke Collection WKO 153-155AbelVdgs$19.50image
UHS 996 Sonate for Viol, WK 186-198, 200-212Abel (Denti)Vdgs$17.00image
LPM EMLV3113 Motets, Version for ViolsAgricolaTrTB3s$5.00image
LPM EMLV2414 Dances, Version for ViolsAmmerbachTrTTB4s$5.25image
LPM EMLV150La Tricotee (3 settings), Version for ViolsAnon3vo(3i)3s$5.00image
VDGS 44Sonata in C MajorAnon (Berlin 1760)Vdg Bcp & s$7.50image
G214Kremsierer Gambensonate, Sonatina in d Anon (Biber?)Vdgs$24.00image
EW 486Sonata a 3Anonymer Meister (Uppsala)BBBp & s$18.50image
LPM EMLV1132 French Songs of the fifteenth century, Version for ViolsAnonymousTrTT3s$5.50image
LPM EMLV1804 Scottish Songs, Version for ViolsAnonymousTrTTB4s$7.75image
LPM EMLV1576 Dances from the Court of Henry VIII, Version for ViolsAnonymousTrTTB4s$6.00image
G066Pariser Gambenduos, Sonata Primo, Sonata SecondaAnonymousBBp & s$29.00image
G067Pariser Gambenduos, Sonata Terza, Sonata QuartaAnonymousBBp & s$29.00image
G068Pariser Gambenduos, Sonata Quinta, Sonata SestaAnonymousBBp & s$29.00image
G100Lubecker Violadagamba soloAnonymusB Bcp & s$23.00image
EBA2134Sonata a 3 Viole da Gamba, Duben Collection, UppsalaAnonymusBBBp & s$14.25image
LPM EMLV1253 Motets from the Bamberg Codex, Version for ViolsAnthology3vo(3i)3s$5.00image
LPM EMLV1736 Instrumental Motets from the Bamberg Codex, Version for ViolsAnthology3i3s$8.50image
LPM 2036 Instrumental Pieces from Berlin MS 40021Anthology3ip & s$13.25image
LPM EMLV2816 Instrumental Pieces, Version for ViolsAnthologyTrTB3s$11.75image
VC056Italian Ricercars and Canzonas for Viols in Four Parts, Vol. 1AnthologyTrTTBp & s$35.00image
VC057Italian Ricercars and Canzonas for Viols in Four Parts, Vol. 2AnthologyTrTTBp & s$35.00image
LPM EMLV181L'homme arme (4 settings), Version for ViolsAnthologyTrTTB4s$6.00image
LPM EMLV245La Martinella (4 settings), Version for ViolsAnthologyTrTB3s$7.50image
EP4836AMeister der Gambe, Ortiz, Buxtehude, Kuhnel, Schenk, Telemann, Molter, TartiniAnthologyVdg, Hp & s$22.00image
G367Mr Falle's Solos, Heft 1AnthologyVdgs$20.00image
UHS140Neapolitan Baroque Masters, 13 CompositionsAnthologyBB (CC)s$21.50image
CMP 433Trios from 1600AnthologyTrT(Tr)Bp & s$11.00image
VC094Twelve Chorale PreludesAnthologyTrTTBp & s$25.00image
LPM EMLV2408 Pieces from the Apel Codex, Versions for ViolsApelTrTB3s$7.50image
LPM EMLV3054 Chansons a 3, Version for ViolsArcadeltTrTrT3s$5.00image
AV B PAPartite, Canzoni, Stravaganze e Toccate a 4 parti, scores and partsAutori vari, Macque, TrabbaciTrTrTBp & s$35.50image
AWP0002Duets for Bea, for Tenor-Bass or Treble-TenorAytonTB/ TrTs$8.50image
AWP0007Reflections on Ein feste Burg, O Haupt voll Blut une Wunden, Nun danketAytonTrTr(T)TBp & s$25.00image
BEVJ. S. Bach Excerpts for Viola da GambaBach, J. S.Vdgs$25.00image
VC026CThe Art of the Fugue transcribed for Viol ConsortsBach, J. S.TrTrT(B)Bp & s$40.00image
VC090Fourteen Trios arranged for TrTB, BWV 789, 788, 790, 793, 798, 800, 791Bach, J. S.TrTBp & s$18.00image
VC007Prelude & Three Fugues BWV 867, 547, and 849Bach, J. S.TrTrTBBp & s$12.00image
VC003Prelude No. 24 (BWV 869) and Fugue No. 8 (BWV 853)Bach, J. S.TrTBp & s$10.00image
HN 676Drei Gambensonaten, Urtext, BWV 1027-1029Bach, J. S.Vdg, Hp & s$32.95image
EW 888Drei sonaten BWV 1027-1029, FacsimileBach, J. S.Vdg Hp & s$48.00image
BA 5186Three Sonatas for Viola da gamba, BWV 1027-1029Bach, J. S.Vdg Hp & s$26.00image
VC001ARicercar a 6 from The Musical Offering, BWV 1079Bach, J. S.TrTrTBBB/TrTrTTBBp & s$8.00image
LPM EML 2225 Secular PiecesBarbireau + Barbingnant3i3s$9.75image
LPM EMLV2158 ChansonsBinchoisTrTT3s$7.50image
CM 005Browning for Five ViolsBishopTrTrTBBp & s$10.00image
CC015Eight Canonic DuetsBishopBBp & s$15.00image
CC009Elegy and PassacagliaBishopTBBp & s$10.00image
CC012MosaicsBishopTrTrTB(SATB)p & s$12.00image
CC005Suite for Two Bass ViolsBishopBB2s$10.00image
CC006Two Fantasias for Three ViolsBishopTrTBp & s$8.00image
VDGS 51APetites Sonates, Op. 66, Vol. 1BoismortierBB (CC)2 s$12.50image
VDGS 51BPetites Sonates, Op. 66, Vol. 2BoismortierBB (CC)2 s$12.50image
VDGS 53A34 Movements in 5 Suites, Op. 31, Vol. IBoismortierVdg Bcp & s$20.00image
VDGS 53B34 Movements in 5 Suites, Op. 31, Vol. 2BoismortierVdg Bcp & s$17.50image
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