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ED 7105Irish Tunes(Bazilewski & Sikora)S(A,T)s$22.00image
ED12217A Garland of Melodies(Bramley)As$13.99image
BVP 0702Dance-Forms of the 18th Century ( An Introduction)(Bruggen)As$8.75image
SP 2360Around the World in 30 Tunes(Burakoff)Ss$5.50image
UE 17132Medieval Songs and Dances(Coles)S(T,V,F,O)s$16.95image
ED12216Fifteen Solos by 18th Century Composers(Giesbert)As$9.95image
N2122The Fine Companion, old Irish Music(Gosewinkel)A (G)s$11.00image
VHWARSBAlto Recorder Solo Book(Haas)As$35.00image
VHWBRSBBass Recorder Solo Book(Haas)Bs$35.00image
VHWSRSBSoprano Recorder Solo Book(Haas)Ss$35.00image
VHWTRSBTenor Recorder Solo Book(Haas)Ts$35.00image
ED21796Altblockfloten-solobuch(Hintermeier and Baude)As$28.99image
MK 632Turkish Folk Songs(Iskender)Ss$5.00image
21229Solos for Soprano Recorder, Collection 4, American melodies to 1865(Kimberling)Ss$14.99image
21230Solos for Soprano Recorder, Collection 5, American melodies after 1865(Kimberling)Ss$14.99image
20977Solos for the soprano recorder, Collection 1, African-American & Jamaican(Kimberling)Ss$9.95image
OMB 34An Irish Tunebook, Part 2(Loesberg)A(V)s$11.95image
LMP 116Three Centuries of Monophonic Dances(Loux)is$10.95image
LMP 164Three Centuries of Monophonic Music(Loux)i vos$16.95image
SP 2399Folk Tunes from the Hispanic Tradition(Nylander Ebinger)S, SS, SA percs$4.50image
EJ10000Recorder from the Beginning, Tune Book 1(Pitts)Ss$6.95image
EJ10001Recorder from the Beginning, Tune Book 2(Pitts)S(SS)s$7.95image
EJ10002Recorder from the Beginning, Tune Book 3(Pitts)S(SS)s$6.95image
PAR 101Traditional Irish Music for Treble Recorder(Robinson)As$9.25image
OFB 21Einzelstücke und Suiten(Ruf)As$19.99image
ED 5240Solo Book for Soprano Recorder, Vol. I(Runge)Ss$13.99image
NOV120507Eight Traditional Japanese Pieces(Saunders)Ts$15.95image
DOL 111The Baroque Solo Book(Thomas)As$32.00image
DOL 104The Concerto Collection, Vol. I(Thomas)Ap$14.50image
FZZ03Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 1(Turner)Sn/S/A/Ts$21.00image
FZZ04Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 2(Turner)Sn/S/A/Ts$22.00image
FZZ17Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 3(Turner)Sn/S/A/Ts$22.00image
FZZ18Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 4(Turner)Sn/S/A/Ts$19.00image
FZZ25Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 5(Turner)Sn, S, A, Ts$20.00image
98915O'Carolan's Tunes for Alto Recorder(Voss)As$14.99image
DOL 501Select Preludes and Voluntaries(Walsh)As$9.25image
FEB00115 SolostuckeAbel (Fischer)As$24.00image
ASC 18EndeAndriessenAAs$7.95image
SMC 538471 TunesAnthologySs$29.95image
710141Broadway Favorites, 13 songsAnthologySs$7.99image
BP 661Preludes, Chacon's, Divisions and Cibells altenglischer MeisterAnthologyAs$16.00image
PF 15The Division Flute, Vol. 1AnthologyAs$15.00image
PF 16The Division Flute, Vol. 2AnthologyAs$15.00image
UE 1255825 Tunes from The Beggar's OperaAnthologySs$9.95image
MK2510Dances of the Jongleurs of Medieval ItalyAnthologyis$18.00image
MK2515Mittelalterliche Spielmannstanze aus Italien IIAnthologyis$18.00image
9780571510498Fantasy for Descant Recorder, Op. 127ArnoldSs$10.25image
DOL 504Sonata in C minorBach, C.P.E.As$6.00image
ZN50901111 Movements from The Sonatas and Partitas from Violin BWV 1001-1006Bach, J. S. (Bruggen)As$30.00image
Z 509010Suites I-III for Violincello BWV 1007, 1008, 1009 In BASS clefBach, J. S. (Bruggen)As$14.95image
BP 773Partita in c-moll, BWV 1013Bach, J. S. (Nitz)As$15.00image
52403452Partitia BWV 1013Bach, J. S. (Sanvoisin)As$11.95image
DOL 514Partita BWV 1013Bach, J. S. (Thomas)As$5.50image
AL 29210Six sonates et Partitas pour flûte à bec alto, Vol. 2, BWV 1002, 1004, 1006Bach, J. S. (Veilhan)As$33.95image
AL 25421Six Suites for (Cello) Transcribed for Alto, Vol. II, BWV 1010, 1011, 1012Bach, J. S. (Veilhan)As$29.99image
PCB 4Pagan PiperBallT (A,F)s$8.50image
PCB 3Pan OverheardBallS(T)s$9.50image
710152The Beatles, 18 Fab Four HitsBeatlesSs$9.99image
UE 15627GestiBerioAs$16.00image
OFB 147Six Suites, opus XXXVBoismortierAs$19.99image
MK113412 Grandes Caprices (1864)BousquetAs$18.00image
MK1584Albumblatter (modern technique)BraunAp & s$9.00image
MK1521Recitatives and Arias (modern technique)BraunTs$15.00image
MK2507Schattenbilder, Silhouettes, 5 Meditations for Alto (modern technique)BraunAs$16.00image
DOL 512Solos from Pieces sans BasseBraunAs$6.50image
MK 430Nachruf fur eine Amsel, Obituary of a Blackbird BresgenSn,S,A,T vos$2.50image
FEA202Ambos-Toccata, op. 143/BCaldiniS (T)s$12.00image
CME 10-108Petite Suite for alto and tenor recorderChaudoirA/Ts$5.00image
CME 10-107Priere for alto recorderChaudoirAs$5.00image
OMP007Dawn & Dusk, A recorder song book, Book 2ClarkeS, As$18.00image
MK1590Breaking Through (modern technique)CoatesAs$9.00image
MK1558Songs & Melismas (modern technique)CorbettS (T) s$11.00image
LIT013Partita for Solo Tenor or Sopranode RegtT (S)s$12.00image
MK 752Birdbook (modern technique)DorwarthS(Sn,A,B)s$7.00image
MK 804Galgenbruders Lied an Sophie, die HenkersmaidDorwarthTs$5.00image
MK1575Gesprach einer Haussschnecke mit sich selbstDorwarthAs$10.00image
MK 760No! after a Galgenlied by MorgensternDorwarthAs$5.00image
TMR 1Music for Alto Recorder (1961)du BoisAs$7.95image
MK1522Pastorale VII (modern technique)du BoisAs$10.00image
LMP 101Tone RowsEvansSs$2.75image
DOL 50620 PiecesEyckSs$10.50image
BP0704Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 1EyckSs$30.00image
BP0705Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 2EyckSs$26.00image
BP0706Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 3EyckSs$26.00image
DOL 125Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Complete edition and CommentaryEyckS4b$38.00image
DOL 125-01Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Vol. IEyckSs$13.00image
DOL 125-02Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Vol. IIEyckSs$12.25image
DOL 125-03Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Vol. IIIEyckSs$10.50image
DOL 125-04Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Commentary, Vol. IVEycki vos$12.25image
XYZ1042Der Fluyten Lust-hof, The Beginner's CollectionEyck (Wind)Ss$12.99image
XYZ1013Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. IEyck (Wind)Ss$18.99image
XYZ1021Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. IIEyck (Wind)Ss$18.99image
XYZ1023Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. IIIEyck (Wind)Ss$18.99image
XYZ1114Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. I, A Selection for Alto RecorderEyck (Wind)As$12.99image
DO4 466Top Fourteen, Recital Etudes for RecorderFortinSn/S/A/T/Bs$30.00image
MK2557Schtei (modern technique)GasserTs$8.00image
MEM 1214City of Smile II, 5 SolosGeysenA/T/B/Sns$15.00image
AMP 345Kleine Vegetatie, SoloGeysenAs$8.00image
MK1520Breviarium (modern technique)GieselerA (F)s$8.00image
ED10442The Bird Fancyer's DelightGodmanSns$13.99image
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