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UE31970Workshop Bass Recorder, Vol. 1(Beutler, Ripper, and Rosin)B SAT CDp & s CD$36.95image
UE31971Workshop Bass Recorder, Vol. 2(Beutler, Ripper, and Rosin)B SATGbCb CDp & s CD$34.95image
UE31972Workshop Bass Recorder, Vol. 3(Beutler, Ripper, and Rosin)BBB, AAB, BB CDp & s CD$35.95image
AMH0003Regensburg, Music for an Archduke, Parts and flash drive in a box(Kirk, Klausner, Stillman)6 i6 p$69.00image
LPM MP 6Scottish Fantasies and DancesAnthology4i(V)p & s$16.50image
LPM MP 10Newe auserlesene Branden, Intraden, Mascheraden, BalettenBrade5 winds/ strings6p & s$30.00image
LPM MP 3Pavans and Galliards, 0 ScoreBrade6is$22.00image
LPM MP 3001Pavans and Galliards, 1 CantoBradeS(V,Tr)p$8.00image
LPM MP 3002Pavans and Galliards, 2 QuintoBradeS(A,V,Tr)p$8.00image
LPM MP 3003Pavans and Galliards, 3 AltoBradeAp$6.00image
LPM MP 3004Pavans and Galliards, 4 Alto (strings)BradeTr(Va)p$8.00image
LPM MP 3005Pavans and Galliards, 5 TenorBradeTp$8.00image
LPM MP 3006Pavans and Galliards, 6 Tenor (strings)BradeT(Va)p$6.00image
LPM MP 3007Pavans and Galliards, 7 SestoBradeTp$8.00image
LPM MP 3008Pavans and Galliards, 8 Sesto (strings)BradeT(Va)p$8.00image
LPM MP 3009Pavans and Galliards, 9 BassoBradeB (C)p$8.00image
LPM MP 8000Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, ScoreCaurroy3-6is$24.00n/a
LPM MP 8001Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 1 DessusCaurroyS(A,Tr)p$9.75image
LPM MP 8002Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 2 Haute-Contre(string)CaurroyTrp$9.75image
LPM MP 8003Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 3 Haute-Contre (wind)CaurroyA(T)p$9.75image
LPM MP 8004Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 4 Taille (strings)CaurroyTp$9.75image
LPM MP 8005Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 5 Taille (wind)CaurroyTp$9.75image
LPM MP 8006Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 6 Cinquiesme(strings)CaurroyTp$7.00image
LPM MP 8007Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 7 Cinquiesme (wind)CaurroyBp$7.00image
LPM MP 8008Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 8 SixiesmeCaurroyTp$4.50image
LPM MP 8009Fantasies a III, IIII, V, et VI parties, 9 Basse-ContreCaurroyBp$9.75image
ED12141-10Complete Consort MusicDowland5is$41.95image
ED12141-01Complete Consort Music, CantusDowlandS (Tr)p$9.95image
ED12141-02Complete Consort Music, AltusDowlandA (T)p$9.95image
ED12141-03Complete Consort Music, Altus, C clef for stringsDowlandTp$9.95image
ED12141-04Complete Consort Music, TenorDowlandTp$9.95image
ED12141-05Complete Consort Music, Tenor C clef for stringsDowlandTp$9.95image
ED12141-06Complete Consort Music, QuintusDowlandTp$9.95image
ED12141-07Complete Consort Music, Quintus, C clef for stringsDowlandTp$9.95image
ED12141-08Complete Consort Music, BassDowlandBp$9.95image
ED12141-09Complete Consort Music, LuteDowlandLutep$9.95image
LPM AH1VPavans, Galliards, Almains (1599)score & 5 parts STRING setHolborne5i (5Vdg)5p & s$50.00image
LPM MP 7Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 0 ScoreScheidt4-5is$24.25image
LPM MP 7001Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 1 CantusScheidtSp$8.75image
LPM MP 7002Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 2 Quintua ParsScheidtSp$7.00image
LPM MP 7003Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 3 Altus (wind)ScheidtAp$8.75image
LPM MP 7004Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 4 Altus (string)ScheidtT(Va)p$8.75image
LPM MP 7005Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 5 Tenor (wind)ScheidtTp$8.75image
LPM MP 7006Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 6 Tenor (string)ScheidtT(Va)p$8.75image
LPM MP 7007Ludi Musici, Prima Pars, 7 BassusScheidtBp$8.75image
LPM MP 5Banchetto Musicale, 0 ScoreSchein5is$30.00image
LPM MP 5001Banchetto Musicale, 1 CantoScheinSp$8.25image
LPM MP 5002Banchetto Musicale, 2 QuintoScheinS(A)p$9.50image
LPM MP 5003Banchetto Musicale, 3 Alto (strings)ScheinTrp$8.25image
LPM MP 5004Banchetto Musicale, 4 Alto (winds)ScheinA(T)p$9.50image
LPM MP 5005Banchetto Musicale, 5 Tenore (strings)ScheinTp$8.25image
LPM MP 5006Banchetto Musicale, 6 Tenore (winds)ScheinTp$9.50image
LPM MP 5007Banchetto Musicale, 7 BassoScheinBp$9.50image
LPM MP 4Complete Instrumental MusicSenfl3-5ip & s$24.25image
LPM MP 9000Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen, 0 ScoreSimpson5is$13.25image
LPM MP 9001Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen, 1 CantusSimpsonSp$7.00image
LPM MP 9002Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen, 2 QuintusSimpsonS(A)p$7.00image
LPM MP 9003Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen, 3 AltusSimpsonAp$7.00image
LPM MP 9004Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen, 4 Tenor(strings)SimpsonTp$7.00image
LPM MP 9005Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen, 5 Tenor(wind)SimpsonTp$6.00image
LPM MP 9006Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen, 6 BassusSimpsonBp$6.00image
LPM 101ADanserye, Complete edition, Four scores with CommentarySusato4ip & s$34.00image
LPM 101CDanserye, Complete edition, High Version, Four part booksSusato4i4p$13.50image
LPM 101BDanserye, Complete edition, string parts with CommentarySusato4i7p & s$36.00image
LPM MP 1Complete Consort Music, 0 ScoreTye3-7is$22.25image
LPM MP 1001Complete Consort Music, 1 CantusTyeSp$7.00image
LPM MP 1002Complete Consort Music, 2 MediusTyeA(S)p$8.75image
LPM MP 1003Complete Consort Music, 3 Altus (viol)TyeTrp$8.75image
LPM MP 1004Complete Consort Music, 4 AltusTyeAp$8.75n/a
LPM MP 1005Complete Consort Music, 5 Tenor (viol)TyeTp$8.75image
LPM MP 1006Complete Consort Music, 6 TenorTyeT(B)p$7.00image
LPM MP 1007Complete Consort Music, 7 BassTyeB(Gb)p$8.75image
LPM MA 322 Madrigals (see LPM RM 3)Verdelot4i(4vo)s$14.00image
LPM RM 3Intavolatura de li Madrigali di Verdelotto(see MA 3)Verdelotvo(A)Ls$19.25image
LPM TS 1Taffel-ConsortSimpsonSSAB Bcp & s$60.00imageOut of stock