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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
LMP 156Puzzle ChaconnePurcell, H. (Mageau)AAA(O,V)Bcp & s$11.75image
OFB 173Trio SonataQuantzAA Bcp & s$25.99image
MK1561Mr.-David-Friederich-Rag ReinkeSA Pfp & s$17.00image
RP95406PHebridean Suite, recorder partRobertson (Bonsor)SSA Pfp$4.00image
RP95406Hebridean Suite, score and partRobertson (Bonsor)SSA Pfp & s$15.00image
N2318Sonata in E flat major, Op.1 Nr. 3bSammartiniAA Bcp & s$22.00image
TR 12Symphony #4SammartiniATB keyboardp & s$5.25image
OFB 81Twelve Sonatas, Vol. I; 1. F major, 2. F major, 3. G major, 4. F majorSammartiniAA(V) Bcp & s$21.99image
OFB 82Twelve Sonatas, Vol. II; 5. F major, 6. d minor, 7. F major, 8. F majorSammartiniAA(V) Bcp & s$20.99image
OFB 83Twelve Sonatas, Vol. III; 9. G major, 10. F major, 11. F major, 12. B flat majorSammartiniAA(V) Bcp & s$20.99n/a
BP 895Sonata a tre for 3 altos and Sonata a tre for 2 altos and BassSartoriusAAA Bc, AAB Bcp & s$24.00image
BP 713Sonata a tre in c minorScarlatti, A.AA Bcp & s$16.00image
MK1036Sonata F Major for 3 Alto recorders and bass, same as BP 889Scarlatti, A.AAA Bcp & s$16.00image
BP 889Sonata in F major for 3 alto recorders and bassScarlatti, A.AAA Bcp & s$16.00image
OFB 87Triosonata, e minorSchickhardtAA Bcp & s$17.95image
HM 192Concerti, Vol. ISchickhardtAAAA Bcp & s$31.00image
HM 193Concerti, Vol. IISchickhardtAAAA Bcp & s$35.00image
OFB 1017Sonata a 7 FlautiSchmelzerSSAATTB Bcp & s$16.99image
OFB 92SuiteSchultzeAA Bcp & s$22.99image
LMP 217Sonata in Little G for ABCShannonSATB Bcp & s$30.00image
FL024Divertimento in D over a Hungarian songStaepsSSAAPf, percs$36.00image
ST 11433Wine, Woman and Song arranged by Brian BonsorStrauss (Bonsor)SA Pfp & s$12.95image
TR 22Der Gott unsers Herrn Jesu Christ, TWV 8:4TelemannSATB Bcp & s$4.50image
TR 14Es Segne Uns Gott, TWV 8:8TelemannAATB Bcp & s$4.25image
MK 425/426Ouverture F Major, TWV 44:6 (TWV 55:F2)TelemannS(A)A Bcs$7.50image
TR 13Two Fantasias from Fantaisie pour le Clavessin TWV 33:5, TWV 33:2TelemannA Pf, (ATB Pf)p & s$4.75image
BP 732Sonata a tre, in C Major, TWV 42:C1TelemannAA Bcp & s$16.00image
BP 764Triosonata in C major, No. 14, TWV 42:CA1TelemannAA Bcp & s$16.00image
OFB 107Sonata, g minor, TWV 42:e8 transposedTelemannAA Bcp & s$18.50image
BP0754Trio Sonata No. 57 in g minor, TWV 42:e8 transposedTelemannAA Bcp & s$16.50image
OFB 106Sonate, F major, TWV 42:F7TelemannAA Bcp & s$18.99image
BP2441Trio Sonata No. 32 in F Major, TWV 42:F7TelemannAA Bcp & s$16.50image
BP 2510Triosonata in a minor, No. 36, TWV 42:a9TelemannAA Bcp & s$16.00image
LMP 210Any Blue Cat DancesThornAATB opt. Pf Bp & s$29.95image
G 12.017Sinfonia a Tre e Sonata a DoiTuriniSS (VV) Bcp & s$22.00image
P127Fantasia on Greensleeves adapted from Sir John in LoveVaughan WilliamsA Pf, AA Pfp & s$12.25image
BP 880Sonata Follia, RV 63 transposedVivaldiAA Bcp & s$22.00image
N2303Concerto d minor, Op. 3, No. 10Vivaldi (Veilhan)AAAABcp & s$31.00image
MK 602/603Little Suite in the Old StyleWiltbergerSS(TT) Pfs$6.00image
HM 99Suite in F majorWittAAT Bcp & s$16.00image
G12.04312 Sonaten, Band II: Sonatas 5-8AlbinoniAAT, B Bcp & s$40.00imageOut of stock
TR 33Wir Danken, Wir PreisenBach, J. S.ATTB Bcp & s$5.25imageOut of stock
OFB 8Triosonate, Sonata II, G majorBoismortierAA(VV) Bcp & s$20.99imageOut of stock
BP2681The Strenuous LifeJoplinAAA Pf(G)2AGCp & s$16.00imageOut of stock
PAN 8742 Sonatas Op. 1 No. 4 F Major and Op. 2 No. 8 d minorLoeilletAA Bcp & s$34.95n/aOut of stock
46400039Little Recorder BookPersichettiSA Pfs$2.50imageOut of stock
ED11716Chaconne for 2 Treble Recorders, Keyboard, from Dioclesian, 2 in 1 upon a groundPurcell, H.AA Bcp & s$6.99imageOut of stock
FL012Vier AriettenStaepsSA Pfp & s$32.00imageOut of stock
HM 10Triosonata in C major from Der getreue MusikmeisterTWV 42:C1TelemannAA Bcp & s$20.00imageOut of stock
11.214.00Six Sonatas and a ChaconneValentineAA Bcp & s$40.00imageOut of stock
PAN 879Sonata B flat Major, RV 80VivaldiAA Bcp & s$28.00n/aOut of stock
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