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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
ST 10495Twelve English Country Dances from the Apted Book(Bergmann)SAT Pfp & s$16.95image
F851The Trio and Piano Collection, Vol. 2, 4 tunes with CD(Carey)SAT Pfp & s CD$20.00image
SP 2363Playing Favorites(Clark)SA Pf2s$4.95image
UE 12569Music from Shakespeare's plays, First set(Dolmetsch)S(A)S(T)Pfp & s$17.95image
Z14137Baroque Masters of Variation, Duets, Purcell, Corrette, Vivaldi, (Kallay)SS Bc, SA Bc, AA Bcp & s$26.45image
MK1144Playford Dances & Carolan Tunes(Newerkla)SS(A) Bc p & s$22.50image
Z 508040Famous Tunes(Tada)SS Pfp & s$15.00image
DOL 103Easy Music of Monteverdi's Time, Vol. I(Thomas)SS Bcs$13.50image
CM 1007Folk Songs of America(Whitney)SSAPfs$4.00image
G12.03912 Sonaten, Band I: Sonatas 1-4AlbinoniAAT, B Bcp & s$36.00image
ED10107Anonymous Master of Breslau, SonataAnonymous (Meyer)SAA Pfp & s$9.95image
SP 2352Over the RainbowArlen (Eddleman)SSA(T) Pfp & s$4.75image
MK 793Affettuoso from Brandenburg Concerto No. 5Bach, J. S.AT Hp & s$6.50image
N2666Sinfonia d minor, BWV 35Bach, J. S.SSAT(B) Bcp & s$23.00image
LMP 45Brandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.AAATBB (VVVVCC)s$12.00image
LMP 45ABrandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.A(V)p$1.90image
LMP 45BBrandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.A(V)p$1.90image
LMP 45CBrandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.A(V)p$1.90image
LMP 45DBrandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.T(V)p$1.90image
LMP 45EBrandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.B(C)p$1.90image
LMP 45FBrandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.B(C)p$1.90image
LMP 45GBrandenburg Concerto No. 6. B Major, Part IBach, J. S.Cembalop$1.90image
LMP 46Brandenburg Concerto No. 6, Part II, scoreBach, J. S.AABB(Pf)s$8.75image
LMP 46ABrandenburg Concerto No. 6, Part II, Alto IBach, J. S.Ap$1.65image
LMP 46BBrandenburg Concerto No. 6, Part II, Alto IIBach, J. S.Ap$1.65image
LMP 46CBrandenburg Concerto No. 6, Part II, Bass IBach, J. S.Bp$1.65image
LMP 46DBrandenburg Concerto No. 6, Part II, Bass IIBach, J. S.Bp$1.65image
LMP 46EBrandenburg Concerto No. 6, Part II, cembaloBach, J. S.Hp$1.65image
BA 6433Triosonata according to BWV 1039 in B flat majorBach, J. S. (Harras)AA Bcp & s$23.50image
ED10494Bach AlbumBach, J. S. (Murrey/ Bergmann)SA Pfp & s$12.95image
TR 21Wohl mir, Jesus ist Gefunden, arranged from Cantata BWV 154Bach, J. S. (Nagel)ATT Bcp & s$5.25image
HACO 11Trio Sonata, Op. 42BakerAA Bcp & s$16.95image
HASA 7Five WaltzesBamforthSS Pfp & s$16.95image
OFB 1018SonatellaBertaliSSATB Bcp & s$9.95image
DOL 315Concerto Op. 15/2BoismortierAAAAB Bcp & s$14.25image
DOL 316Concerto Op. 15/5Boismortier4-5i Bcp & s$14.25image
TR 28La Matignon, Primiere GentilesseBoismortierAA Bcp & s$5.50image
OFB 8Triosonate, Sonata II, G majorBoismortierAA(VV) Bcp & s$20.99image
UE 1874715 Dances for Two Treble RecordersBononciniAA Bcp & s$24.95image
UE140182 Suites a 6BononciniSn(S)SAATB Pfp & s$23.95image
BP094924 Aires for 2 Altos and Bc BononciniAA Bcp & s$30.00image
G 12.005Arien und Duette aus der Oper Il Trionfo di CamillaBononciniAA Bcp & s$25.00image
N3418Sonata a tre, F major, Op. IV, Nr. 9BonportiAT Bcp & s$19.00image
ED10757FiestaBonsorSAT Pfp & s$10.95image
ED10722Hoe-downBonsorSA Pfp & s$9.95image
ED10698RumbaBonsorSA Pfp & s$9.95image
ED11142Three into FiveBonsorSAATT Pfp & s$16.95image
ED10699Valerie(1959)BonsorSA Pfp & s$9.99image
SP 2357Singin' in the RainBrown (Eddleman)SSA(T) Pfp & s$4.75image
PBE 18SonatinaBuschAAT Pfp & s$12.95image
UCSS0212 Balletti and CorrentiCazzatiAT Bcp & s$26.00image
JR 11A Bouquet of InventionsCharltonSATB(H)p & s$8.00image
N2907Noel 1694 Weihnachtsmusik aus der Zeit Ludwig XIVCharpentierSATB Bcp & s$19.00image
SP 2336Notes AfloatClarkSS Pfp & s$3.75image
MK1513SuiteCookeSAT Hp $28.00image
BP1885Sechs Sonaten for 2 Altoblockfloten und Bc. Op. 4/4-6CorbettAABcp & s$26.00image
UE 18739Six Sonatas for Two Treble Recorders and Bc, Vol. I, op. 2/3, 2/9, 2/10CorelliAA Bcp & s$22.95image
UE 18743Six Sonatas for Two Treble Recorders and Bc, Vol. II, op. 2/8, 4/3, 4/4CorelliAA Bcp & s$23.95image
BP0714Sonata a tre in F major (WoO 8) transposedCorelliAA(FF) Bcp & s$22.00image
TR 3Two Trio Sonatas, Op. 2, No. 4, No. 10CorelliATB (Bc)p & s$5.00image
BA 8089Concerto en Trio (Livre III/1)DornelAA Bcp & s$19.00image
RL40770Battaglia de Barabaso yerno de SatanasFalconieroSSB Bcp & s$25.00image
LMP 209Sonata Op. 1, No. 7 Finger (Thorn)AAAB Bcp & s$12.95image
DOL 327Sonata 16 (1641)FontanaAAA Bcp & s$7.00image
MK 662Amusement Op. 11aFriederichSnA Pfs$3.50image
LPM VM 1Canzon primaGabrieli, G.SATTB Bcp & s$8.00image
DOL 306Sonata (1615)Gabrieli, G.AAA Bcp & s$7.00image
ED10886Shepherd's HeyGraingerSAT Pfp & s$13.99image
ED11256AndaluzaGranados (Bonsor)SAAT Pfp & s$12.95image
MK 261Seven PiecesHandelSAB Bcs$5.50image
BA04261Triosonata F-Dur for two Treble Recorders and Basso continuo HWV 405HandelAA Bcp & s$16.00image
ED10111A First Handel AlbumHandel (Bergmann)SAT Pfp & s$19.95image
ED10672A Second Handel AlbumHandel (Bergmann)SAT Pfp & s$13.99image
DOL 404Jazzin' AroundHarrisSSAATT Pf percp & s$10.75image
MK1564Suite a Conte, Op. 171HeilmannAT/ST/SnB Pf s$18.00image
MK 482/483Suite in C MajorHotteterreSA Bcs$7.50image
LPM EML 1104 Pieces (1643)KindermannSSB(T) Bc4s$6.00image
TR 31Erforsche Mich, GottKrebsSAT Bcp & s$5.50image
MK 497Music at the Royal Court of London ca 1620Lanier,Holmes,Johnson,FordSSB(TTB) Bcs$5.00image
UCSS06Sonata a 4 Alto recorders and BcLegrenziAAAA Bcp & s$22.00image
MK 645/646Folk and Lovesongs from Taiwan,Japan,and ChinaLinSS Pfs$8.75image
MK2215Hausmusik von Anfang An, Housemusic from the BeginningLorenzSS vo Pf(G)p & s$20.00image
LMP 96Suite With a BeatMageauSSAT H(Pf) Bp & s$12.00image
SP 2350Moon RiverManciniSSA(T) Pfp & s$4.75image
MK2018Armenian DanceMarinoviciSA Bcp & s$18.00image
MK 731Der rote Sarafan, Russian FolksongMcLaurieSATB Pf Cs$5.00image
N2197Concerto I F major, MWV VIII/17, 18MolterAAAA Bcp & s$20.75image
M060079177Microjazz for Recorder GroupNortonSSA Pfp & s$21.95image
OFB 70Suite I for 2 Alto Recorders and Bc, F majorPaisibleAA Bcp & s$20.99image
OFB 71Suite II for 2 Alto Recorders and Bc, d minorPaisibleAA Bcp & s$14.95image
MPC001Sonata pour 4 FlutiPaisible (Kelly)AAAA Bcp & s$19.00image
46400039Little Recorder BookPersichettiSA Pfs$2.50image
EP4557Triosonate C majorPezAA Bcp & s$14.95image
MK2818Sonata VI in four partsPurcellAA Vdg(C) Bcp & s$21.00image
ED10129Purcell Album, 8 tunesPurcell (Bergmann)SA (T Pf)p & s$16.95image
BP0720Drei Sonaten fur 2 Altblockfloten und Bc.Purcell, D.AA Bcp & s$24.00image
BP0712Chaconnen for two Alto recorders and Bc, 2 in 1 upon a ground, 2 Mr. Baptist Purcell, DraghiAA(FF,VV) Bcp & s$18.00image
DOL 3034 PavansPurcell, H.AAB Bcp & s$6.50image
MK 786/787Chaconne d minorPurcell, H.SATGb Bcp & s$8.50image
ED11716Chaconne for 2 Treble Recorders, Keyboard, from Dioclesian, 2 in 1 upon a groundPurcell, H.AA Bcp & s$6.99image
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