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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
PP 112Early English Keyboard Music(Bloodworth)SnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$24.25image
P440Scottish Border Suite(Hall)SA(Sn)TBGbCbp & s$15.00image
P 535The Fitzwilliam Collection, 6 pieces from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (easy)(Hooker)SATBGbCbp & s$15.00image
CVP 24AThe Angel Gabriel(Lindvall)SSAATBGbCb (SSAATTBB)p & s$20.00image
MK3331Prelude and Fugue in C major, from Acht kleine Praeludien und Fugen(Rosin)SATBGbCbp & s$23.00image
P 559A Piece of CheeseAlexanderSSAATTBGbCbp & s$22.50image
P 536March Knight TemplarAllanSnSATBGbCbSbp & s$18.00image
MK3332Jesus bleibet meine Freude, Chorale from Cantata BWV 147Bach (Rosin)SATTBBGbCbp & s$23.00image
CRCS 318Brandenburg Concerto 2, Part 2, Parts and scoreBach, J. S. (Ayre)SATT, ATTBGbp & s$21.00image
ALEX 317ABrandenburg Concerto 2, Part I partsBach, J. S. (Ayre)SnATT, ATTBGbs$10.00n/a
ALEX 317Brandenburg Concerto 2, Part I scoreBach, J. S. (Ayre)SnATT, ATTBGbs$5.00n/a
ECS2080Dance Suite from the Brandenburg Concerto No. 1, Three songsBach, J. S. (Belden)SAATTBB, AAB, AATBs$5.30image
MK3351Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied, BWV 225Bach, J. S. (Spanhove)ATBGb ATBGbCbp & s$37.00image
MK33343 Chorale Preludes and Chorales, BWV 727, BWV 610, BWV 601Bach, J. S. (Spanhove)SATTBBGbCb9p & s$30.00image
FEM0297 Rumanische VolkstanzeBartokSnSATTBCb,SATTB, SnSSAATTBBSbp & s$32.00image
MK3343El Sol y La Luna, Andalusian FolksongBeutlerSSAATTBBGbCb tambp & s$36.00image
MK3352Evening Rise, Native American SongBeutlerSAATTTBBGbCb11p & s$37.00image
MK3312La GondolettaBeutlerSnSAATB(CB)p & s$34.95image
MK3348Marche des RoisBeutlerSnSAATTBBGbCbp & s$30.00image
MK3315Nachtschwarmerei after the Spanish Folksong Rondar que te rondariaBeutlerSnSAATBBGbSb glockp & s$24.00image
MK3346SeemannsgarnBeutlerSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$29.00image
MK3319Carmen- Entr'acte IIBizet (Steinhofel)SATB5Gb3Cb Harpp & s$30.00image
LIT028Sans Issue, Orchestra partsBlakerS(Sn)SAATTTrTnVdgPfp & s$20.00image
LIT027Sans Issue, Quartet versionBlakerS(Sn)AT BVp & s$22.00image
LIT001Yaquina RiverBlakerSAATB Vdg(C)p & s$18.00image
BON-BP602A Wheen o' WhustlesBonsorGSnSSSSATBGbCbp & s$18.00image
P655Hebridean Suite, Mairi's Wedding, Morag's Cradle Song, Ho-ree Ho-roBonsorSAATTBBGbCbp & s$22.00image
BON601The 17ths Farewell to AlvaBonsorSA(Sn)TBGbCbp & s$13.25image
CVP 41Simple Gifts setting for Recorder OrchestraBrackett (Lindvall)SATBGbCb (Si)p & s$20.00image
MK3339Hungarian Dance No. 5Brahms, (Meer & Deckmyn)SnSATTBBBGbCb11p & s$30.00image
P 458Musique des Automates from Coppelia SuiteDelibes (Minns)SnSnSATTBGb(Cb)p & s$11.00image
P 438Air and Dance (1915)Delius (Martin)SnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$15.00image
HARO 1Sleigh RideDelius (Ring)SnSSAAATTTBGbCb percp & s$25.95image
MK3337Salut d'amourElgar (Beutler)SAATBBGbCb9p & s$26.00image
P 238Chanson de MatinElgar (Bloodworth)SnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$16.00image
PP 93The Lord Zouche's MaskeFarnabySnSSAATTBBBGbCbp & s$11.00image
PRM 246Overture The Late Arrivals (An Antidote to Haydn's Farewell Symphony) rev. 2001FarquharSnSSAATTBGbCbp & s$26.95image
P 164Sami Suomi SuiteFarquharSnSSAATTBBGbCb percp & s$45.00image
AP 156APavaneFauréSnSSAAATTBGbCbp & s$24.95image
MK2137Lambsborner Nusse, scoreFortinSSATBGbs$20.00image
P 444Entry of the Gladiators, Op. 68Fucik (Brown)SnSAATTBBGbCbp & s$20.00image
P 492Florentiner MarchFucik (Brown)SnSAATTBBGbCbp & s$25.00image
MK2814Force 12Garcia (Leenhouts)AATTB,SnSAA,TTBBp & s$36.00image
MK2812In the MoodGarland/Razaf (Leenhouts)AAATT+SnSSAA+BBGbGbp & s$55.00image
MK3320Summertime from Porgy and BessGershwinSATBGbCbp & s$25.50image
SMM210Rhapsody in Blue, 'S Wonderful, I Got RhythmGershwin (Feldon)SSAATTBBp & s$10.00image
MK3341Two Songs, I Got Rhythm, Somebody Loves MeGershwin (Rosin)SnSATTBGbCb9p & s$30.00image
PP 125Isaiah 2:2-5GoldsteinSnSATBGbCbs$3.50image
P606Souvenir de Porto RicoGottschalk (Talbott)SATTTBBBGbCbp & s$21.00image
P 698Country GardensGrainger (Talbott)SnSATBGbCbp & s$16.00image
PP 154Through the Seasons, with PersephoneGreen2Sn,5S,3A,5T,3B,GbCbp & s$35.75image
PP 160Hjertesår, Elegiac Melody No. 1GriegSnSAAATTTBGbCbp & s$8.50image
PP 161Jeg Elsker DigGriegAAATTBGbCbp & s$6.00image
PP 150Våren, Elegiac Melody No. 2GriegSnSAAATTBGbCbp & s$13.50image
MK3324Peer Gynt Suite No. I, op. 46Grieg (Michatz)2SnSSAA4TBGbCbp & s$57.00image
P 586Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46, I Morning MoodGrieg (Talbott)SnSSATBGbCbp & s$17.00image
P 587Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46, II The Death of AseGrieg (Talbott)SATBBGbCbp & s$10.00image
P 588Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46, III Anitra's DanceGrieg (Talbott)SATBGbCb, trianglep & s$17.00image
P 589Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46, IV In the Hall of the Mountain KingGrieg (Talbott)SnSATBGbCbp & s$17.00image
P 439Caprice for Recorder OrchestraHallSAATTBGbCbp & s$19.50image
P395Four Irish Airs for Easy Recorder OrchestraHallSATBGbCbp & s$17.00image
P 675Lyme Suite HallSnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$45.00image
P812Three Sketches of ScotlandHallSnSAATTBBGbCbp & s$22.00image
MK3336Two Arias, Lascia ch'io pianga, Ombra mai fuHandelSATBGbCb/SATBCbp & s$25.00image
MK3356Chaconne in C, Theme and 11 Variations, HWV 443 and 484Handel (Beutler)SnS2A2TBGbCbp & s$36.00image
BOE3932Music for the Royal Fireworks, Ouverture and AllegroHandel (Rosenstengel)SATB, SATB Percp & s$15.95image
MK3313Sarabande from Suite No. 4 in D minor HWV 437Handel (Rosin)SnSATBGbCbp & s$23.00image
MK3350Pifa, PreludeHandel, Charpentier (Rosin)SATBGbSbp & s$28.00image
P671The Marmalade Cat, for Recorder Big BandHaverkateSAAAATTTBB Bp & s$23.00image
P596TavernspiteHillingSnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$13.50image
P 501The Brington CrystalHillingSnSSAAAATTTBBBBGbCbp & s$32.00image
AP 192AFirst Suite for Military Band (1909)Holst (Davis)SnSSAATTTBGbCbp & s$24.95image
AP 119ASecond Suite in F for Military BandHolst (Davis)SnSSAAATTBGbCb22p & s$24.95image
MK3327Abendsegen from Hansel und GretelHumperdinck (Beutler)SSAAAATTTBBBBGbCbp & s$26.00image
MK3333Two Waltzes, Bink's Waltz and Pleasant MomentsJoplin (Beutler)SnSATBGbSbp & s$30.00image
P 547Spainsche Lustspiel OvertureKeler (Brown)SnSAATTBBGbCbp & s$29.00image
MK3302Canzon La NegronaLappiSSST SATGbp & s$23.00image
MK3307Ixi-Mixi-DixiLeenhoutsSAAATTBBp & s$34.95image
MK3303Juego de GalileiLeenhouts4Sn4A4B2cB bGp & s$45.00image
HARB 41A Staffordshire RambleLewin, A.SAATTBGbCbp & s$16.00image
HARB 04Midsummer MorrisLewin, A.SSAATTBp & s$14.00image
HACO 07The Ladies of the ValeLewin, A.SSAATTBp & s$11.00image
HARO 5Twixt Trent and Severn, Glimpses of South StaffordshireLewin, A.SnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$18.00image
PP 86Six Russian FolksongsLiadovSSAAATTBCbp & s$22.00image
MK3316Marche pour la Ceremonie des TurcsLully (Rosin)SnSSATBGbCb percp & s$23.00image
HARO 6Wolf SuiteManningSnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$18.00image
MHE 10905AA Celtic ClusterMarshallSnSAATTBGbCbp & s$28.00image
MHE 21104Folk Song SuiteMarshallSnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$29.00image
MHE40905Concerto Grosso for Recorder Trio and Recorder OrchestraMarshall, S.TTB, SAATTBp & s$32.00image
MHE11022Four Warwickshire PortraitsMarshall, S.SATTBGbCbp & s$36.00image
MHE40204The Wind in the Pine Tree, for narrator and recorder orchestraMarshall, S.SnSSAATTBBGbCb, vop & s$18.00image
P480A Sea in the PondMauteTTBBBBGbGbCbCbp & s$24.50image
JR 26Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream, abridgedMendelssohnSnSSAATTBGbp & s$24.95image
MK3305Andante from Symphony No. 4 (Italian)Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Michatz)SSAAATTBGbCbp & s$29.00image
MK3304Moonlight SerenadeMiller (Leenhouts)SAAATTBGbp & s$35.00image
MK3330Spanish Dances, Op. 12 No. 1 and 2Moszkowski (Rosin)SATTBGbCbp & s$33.00image
MK3322Die Zauberflote- OuvertureMozart (Steinhofel)2S2A4T4B2GbCbp & s$29.00image
MK3329Musical Sleigh RideMozart, L. (Beutler)Sn2AT3BcBp & s$24.00image
N2159Die Schlittenfahrt, German Dance KV 605, Nr. 3Mozart, W. A.2SnSATB percp & s$20.00image
P 376Recercada, Diego Ortiz 1553Ortiz (Porro)SnSSATBp & s$11.00image
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