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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
DOL 119Extraordinary Encores(Adams)Sn/A/S Pfp & s$20.00image
0571523285First Repertoire for Descant Recorder with piano(Adams)S Pfp & s$15.95image
ED13591Renaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 1, 32 Works, CD, Soprano(Bennetts & Bowman)S Pf CDp & s CD$22.99image
ED13592DRenaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 2, 32 Works, Online material, Soprano(Bennetts & Bowman)S Pfp & s$24.99image
ED22930DRenaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 3, 31 Works, Online audio, Alto(Bennetts & Bowman)A Pf p & s$22.99image
ED22946Renaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 4, 20 Works, CD, Alto(Bennetts & Bowman)A Pf CDp & s CD$21.99image
ED10655Bass Album, Five tunes for Bass Recorder or Cello with Piano Accompaniment(Bergmann)B(C) Pfp & s$13.99image
12-0571506763Second Book of Descant Recorder Solos(Bergmann)S Pfp & s$14.80image
12-0571505465First Book of Treble/Alto Recorder Solos(Bergmann)A Pfp & s$15.99image
12-0571506623Second Book of Treble Recorder Solos(Bergmann)A Pfp & s$15.00image
DOL 102The Jacobean Collection, Vol. I(Bernstein)A Bcp & s$10.75image
12-0571508405Tenor Recorder Solos(Bonsor)T Pfp & s$13.50image
12-0571504744Tenor Recorder Solos, part only(Bonsor)Tp$4.95image
ED13134Baroque Recorder Anthology, Vol. 1, 30 Works, CD, Soprano(Bowman & Heyens)S Pf (G)p & s CD$22.99image
ED13324DBaroque Recorder Anthology, Vol. 3, 21 Works, Online audio, Alto(Bowman & Heyens)A Pf (G)p & s$22.99image
ED13325DBaroque Recorder Anthology, Vol. 4, 23 Works, Online audio, Alto(Bowman & Heyens)A Pf (G)p & s$22.99n/a
50331960Solos for the Alto Recorder Player(Camden and Devereux)A Pfp & s$17.99image
ED10366Greensleeves to a Ground(Dolmetsch)S Hp & s$10.99image
NR14171310 Italian Sonata for Recorder and Continuo(Fertonani)A Hp & s$25.99image
MK 584/585Twelve Serbian Dances(Goebels)S Pfs$5.00image
OMB55Traditional Music(Gunn)S(A,T,F,V,O)Pfp & s$12.95image
BA 8081Greensleeves to a Ground, A Division on a Ground(Harras)S Bcp & s$16.50image
MK2076Spielbuch fur Soprano Blockflote und Klavier, 48 tunes(Hechler)S Pfp & s$22.00image
ED20182-50Concerto, Easy Concert Pieces, with CD(Heyens)S Pf CDp & s CD$24.99image
ED22403Altblockfloten-Konzertbuch, 60 pieces for alto and keyboard(Hintermeier)A Hp & s$29.99image
ST 10048Classical Album(Hunt)S/SS Pfp & s$9.95image
ED23555DMy favorite melodies, 14 selected pieces for sopano, with online material(Jeffery)S(T) Pfp & s$23.99image
ED 4364Easy Pieces of the 17th and 18th Centuries (Kaestner & Lechner)S Pfp & s$12.99image
Z14136Baroque Masters of Variation, Greensleeves, Vitali, C. P. E. Bach, Corelli(Kallay)A Bc, S Bcp & s$31.45image
CVP 24The Angel Gabriel(Lindvall)T Bcp & s$5.00image
MK2552Divisions upon a Ground, Selections(Petrenz)A Bcp & s$21.00image
CH61541Around the World, Pupil's Book(Pitts)Sp$7.95image
CH61542Around the World, Teacher's Book(Pitts)S Pf(G)s$14.95image
CH61383Blues, Rags & Boogies, Pupil's Book(Pitts)Sp$7.95image
98171Solo Pieces for the Beginning Soprano Recorder(Puscoiu)S Pfp & s$9.95image
98172Solo Pieces for the Beginning Alto Recorder(Puscoiu)A Pfp & s$14.99image
98174Solo Pieces for the Intermediate Alto Recorder(Puscoiu)A Pfp & s$17.99image
M060105258The Renaissance Recorder, Selection of Tunes for the Alto(Rosenberg)A Pfp & s$21.99image
M060105241The Renaissance Recorder, Selection of Tunes for the Soprano(Rosenberg)S Pfp & s$21.99image
M060103568Amazing Solos, Soprano Recorder and Keyboard(Rosenberg)S Pfp & s$19.95image
M060071089First Repertoire Pieces for Recorder, Soprano(Rosenberg)S Hp & s$14.95image
M060103575Amazing Solos, Alto Recorder and Keyboard(Rosenberg)A Pfp & s$22.99image
9790060071096First Repertoire Pieces for Recorder, Alto(Rosenberg)A Hp & s$19.95image
TSM 1093 Early American Songs, Tenting Tonight, Two Brothers, Amazing Grace(Sears)A C Pfp & s$12.00image
DOL 113Easy Music of Monteverdi's Time, Vol. II(Thomas)S Bcp & s$14.00image
UE38022World Music Celtic Play-Along Recorder with CD(Tourish)A(S,T) Pf p & s, CD$21.50image
FZZ05Recital Pieces, Vol. 1(Turner)A Pfp & s$19.00image
FZZ16Recital Pieces, Vol. 2(Turner)A Pfp & s$22.00image
FZZ20Recital Pieces, Vol. 3(Turner)A Pfp & s$28.00image
FZZ26Recital Pieces, Vol. 4(Turner)A Pfp & s$21.50image
BP0790Concerto a-moll per Flauto e BassoAlbinoniS(O,V) Bcp & s$16.00image
BP 526Due Sonate per flauto dolce e basso continuoAlbinoniA Bcp & s$19.00image
OFB 1703 Sonatas of the Italian BaroqueAlbinoni, Dall'Abaco, VeraciniA Bcp & s$26.95image
BP2630Sonata B-durAnna Amalia von PreussenA Bcp & s$18.00image
G 12.010Partite di FolliaAnonym (nach 1700)(Nitz)A Bcp & s$22.00image
LMP 223Paul's Steeple, Variations up on a Ground from the Division FluteAnonymousA Bc2 s$9.95image
OFB 110Unbekannter Meister des 18. Jahrhunderts, SonateAnonymousA(F,O,V) Bcp & s$11.95image
11.239Concerto in F for Alto recorder and obligato HarpsichordAnonymusA(F)V Bcp & s$12.00image
G 12.032Sonata d minorAnonymus (L. Detry?)A Bcp & s$20.00image
G12.006Acht Englische Lieder, Dowland, CampionAnthologyS(T, vo) Pfs$14.00image
HM 250Italian Baroque Music for Recorder (Six Sonatas)AnthologyA Bcp & s$36.00image
ED21788Schott Recorder Library, Finest Sonatas for Treble Recorder and BcAnthologyA Bcp & s$29.99image
HM 208Sonatas by old English Masters I, Williams, Parcham, TophamAnthologyA Bcp & s$26.00image
HM 209Sonatas by old English Masters II, Croft, D. Purcell, ValentineAnthologyA Bcp & s$26.00image
HM 237Sonatas by old English Masters III, Paisible, Paisible, TophamAnthologyA Bcp & s$24.00image
F872The Baroque RecorderAnthologyS Pfp & s$16.00image
BP0710The Division Flute, Vol. 1AnthologyA Pfp & s$25.00image
BP0711The Division Flute, Vol. 2AnthologyA Pfp & s$24.00image
OFB 18The Division Flute: Faronels Ground, A Division to a Ground, Pauls SteepleAnthologyA Bcp & s$20.99image
LPM EM 2Twenty-one Masque DancesAnthologyA Bcp & s$13.50image
G 12.011Opus 4 (Bologna 1676) Band I, Sonata 2 and Sonata 4AntoniiA Bcp & s$15.50image
G 12.016Opus 4 (Bologna 1676) Band II: Sonatas 10 and 12AntoniiA Bcp & s$22.00image
G 12.014Opus 5 (Bologna 1686) Band I: Sonatas 1 and 2AntoniiA Bcp & s$20.00image
G 12.021Opus 5 (Bologna 1686) Band II: Sonatas 4 and 7AntoniiA Bcp & s$24.00image
SP 2361Adventures in Style, 10 easy pieces in Baroque to Blues StyleArnoldS Pfp & s$3.95image
PAT60050Sonatina for Recorder and Piano, Opus 41ArnoldA(F,O) Pfp & s$11.95image
ED 006A Collection of Songs for Three Notes with piano accompanimentAtkinS Pfp & s$10.00image
DM 1220Sonata IIIBabellS(F,O,V) Bcp & s$38.00image
DOL 223Sonata in F MajorBabellS Bcp & s$6.00image
DOL 226Two Sonatas after Op. post. 1/2 + 1/9BabellA Bcp & s$9.50image
MK 738/739Movements from the b minor SuiteBach, J. S.A Bcs$8.00image
UE 14048Sinfonia from Cantata 156Bach, J. S.T Bcp & s$14.95image
BP2710Sonata in g minor (transposed from d minor) for Alto and Cembalo, BWV 527Bach, J. S.A Hp & s$21.00image
UE 19939Partita BWV 997Bach, J. S.A Pfp & s$16.95image
DOL 277Sonata in C minor/ D minor, after BWV 1029Bach, J. S.A Bcp & s$12.50image
UE 18748Sonata BWV 1030Bach, J. S.A Bcp & s$21.95image
N3443Sonata F Major, for Alto and obligato Cembalo, BWV 1031Bach, J. S.A Hp & s$25.00image
UE30257Sonata BWV 1032Bach, J. S.A Bcp & s$19.95image
N1279Drei Sonaten, BWV 1033, 1034, 1035Bach, J. S.A Bcp & s$32.00image
UE 18749Sonata F major for Treble Recorder (after BWV 1035)Bach, J. S.A Bcp & s$19.95image
ZN5091204 Sonatas BWV 1014, 1016, 1017, and 1019 arranged for alto and harpsichordBach, J. S. (Kitamika)A Hp & s$25.00image
DOL 2726 Sonatas after the Organ Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530, Vol. I: Sonatas 1-2Bach, J. S. (Thomas)A Hp & s$15.50image
DOL 2736 Sonatas after the Organ Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530, Vol. II: Sonatas 3-4Bach, J. S. (Thomas)A Hp & s$15.00image
DOL 2746 Sonatas after the Organ Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530, Vol. III: Sonatas 5-6Bach, J. S. (Thomas)A Hp & s$15.00image
DOL 276Sonata in C after BWV 1027/1039Bach, J. S. (Thomas)A Hp & s$10.50image
N2585Der Fröhliche Blockflötenspieler- The Happy Recorder PlayerBackerS Pfp & s$17.95image
HACO 5Sonata, Op. 25BakerA Harpsichordp & s$14.00image
HACO 14Sonatina 2BakerA(F) Harpsichordp & s$13.95image
HACO 12Winter GardensBakerA(O) Harpsichordp & s$16.95image
BP2065Sechs Sonaten op. 1, No. 1-3, Vol. IBarsantiA(F)Bcp & s$26.00image
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