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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
LD7097 French Songs(Burden)S(vo)Gs$12.95image
MK 659Spanish Songs and Dances(Höh)SGs$5.00image
RGS 5Lyrical Melodies of the Masters for Soprano or Tenor and Guitar(Reichenthal)S (T) Gs$6.95image
N4117Folk Music from South America(Teschner)A(F) Gs$11.25image
ST 12193Jacobean Masque Tunes(Zweers & Pope)A(S)Gp & s$13.95image
GREENGRGreensleeves to a ground, facsimile, Alto and LuteAnonymousALs TAB$10.00image
GKM 81Greensleeves to a GroundAnonymusSG2s$20.00image
RGS 2Bach ChoralesBach, J. S.T(S,F)Gs$8.75image
6050Bach for Recorder and GuitarBach, J. S.S(T)Gs$8.99image
N47383 Duets after Vivaldi and HaydnCassignol & DemarezA Gs$12.00image
OFB 141Sonata prima a Soprano solo, score and guitar partCastelloSGp & s$17.95image
RGS 3Suite in Spanish StyleCastleA(F)Gp & s$8.95image
MK 562Solfeggio in e minorDuranteSGs$2.50image
MK 586Solfeggio detta la StravaganzaDurante (Luckhardt)S Gs$4.00image
MK2520Variations on two themes by John DowlandEyck (Klier)T(S) G2s$24.00image
UE 30213Declarations of Love to the Bass RecorderFortinBGp & s$19.95image
OFB 164Sonata for Recorder and GuitarFrançaixS(T,F)Gp & s$10.95image
OFB 140Canzona (II) detta La BernardiniaFrescobaldiSGp & s$16.99image
GKM 23Sonata a minor, Op. 1/4HändelAGp & s$27.75image
GKM 9Sonata F major, Op.1/11HändelAGp & s$20.00image
GKM 29Sonata g minor, Op. 1/2HändelAGp & s$20.00image
GKM 24Sonata d minor (Fitzwilliam Sonata Nr. III)Handel (Scheit)A Gp & s$21.00image
MK 521EpisodesHollfelderSGs$3.50image
MK1518Canzonabile (modern technique)KrollB Gs$11.00image
PBE 24Sonata in E minorMarcelloAGp & s$2.95image
FMN01A Playford GarlandMarshallA Gp & s$14.00image
TJDThe Jew's Dance for Flute and Renaissance LuteNicholsonA (FV) Lp $30.00image
MK 574ElegieNobisAGs$3.50image
MK 274Little SerenadePoserA Gs$3.00image
N1533Suite for Alto Recorder and GuitarPurcell, H. AGs$12.00image
OFB 179MondzeitRegnerS(A,T,B)Gp & s$19.95image
11.607Nice FolksRose(SAT)Gs$14.75image
MK2551Divisions upon a Ground, Mr. Fardinels Grnd, Italian Grnd, Mr. Reddins GrndSalter & Carr (Klier)A G Bp & s$18.00image
MK 792Gymnopedie Nr. 1, Gnossienne Nr. 3SatieAG2s$6.00image
MK2528Tabulaturen Etlicher Lobgesang und LidleinSchlickAGs$14.00image
SIEG029Cadiz, Suite for Recorder and GuitarSiegAG/ TG/ AGp & s$27.00image
OFB 167Small TalkSuterAGp & s$14.95image
MK 695/696Tin Whistle TuneTeschnerSGs$7.50image
EW10236 Highlights for Recorder and GuitarVivaldi (Cassignol & Demarez)Sn,A,T (F) Gp & s$27.50image
N2520Fridolins, Travel book 4, Scandinavia, 20 little tunes(Teschner)A(G)Gs$15.00imageOut of stock