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MK 719English Virginal Music(Autenrieth)SATBs$5.00image
MK 725Three Songs from Latvia(Autenrieth)SATBs$5.00image
AWP0026Cantigas Fantasias, Fantasias on Melodies from the Cantigas de Santa Maria(Ayton)SATB, TrTTBp & s$35.00image
AWP0027Medieval Fantasias on Medieval Melodies(Ayton)SATB, TrTTBp & s$35.00image
TR 65Renaissance Revisited, Settings of Popular Songs of the Renaissance(Ayton)SATB (TrTTB)p & s$7.25image
PAN 817Cancionero Musical, Spanish Music from the 15 Century(Barbieri)SATB2s$23.00image
PAN 811Polish Dances of the Renaissance(Bernolin)SATBs$25.00image
DOL 117Easy Quartets for mixed recorders, Vol. 1, 21 Dances of the 16th century(Bernstein)SAATs$9.00image
DOL 101The Consort Collection, Vol. 1(Bernstein)4is$13.50image
MK 375Old Hungarian Tunes, Book II(Bresgen)SATBs$5.00image
1.2324Chansons for Recorders(Brown)ATTBs$6.25image
UE 30224Pigalle and American Patrol(Brunner)SATBp & s$15.95image
UE 30485Puttin' On the Ritz and Ice Cream(Brunner)SATBp & s$18.95image
UE 30486Was Machst du mit dem Knie, Lieber Hans?, Die Süssesten Früchte(Brunner)SATBp & s$18.95image
HARA 94Step Stately, A Suite of English Dances(Carey)SATBp & s$11.00image
HARA 93Tom, Tom the Piper's Son, A Suite of Old Rhymes(Carey)SATBp & s$11.00image
AP 044Greensleeves(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
AP 100Hava Nagila(Davis)SATBp & s$6.95image
AP 017La Spagnola(Davis)SATBp & s$6.95image
AP 142When the Saints go Marchin' In(Davis)AATBp & s$7.95image
CC073Balkan Dances(Edgerton)SATBp & s$14.00image
MK 770Six Old-Polish Dances(Gavel)SATBp & s$7.00image
PBE49BBrazilian Folk Songs for Four(Goldstein)SATB4s$5.95image
PP 88Quartets for Basses(Goldstein)B(T)BBB(Gb)p & s$22.00image
P771Eight Czech Folk Tunes(Hall)SATBp & s$19.00image
P373Elsie Marley and other Great Tunes from Northumberland(Hall)SATBp & s$17.00image
P555Five Fine Welsh Tunes(Hall)SATBp & s$10.00image
P434Four Playford Dances(Hall)SATBp & s$14.00image
P481Four Scottish Sea Songs(Hall)SATBp & s$13.25image
P 412Hava Nagila: 4 Jewish Songs and Dances(Hall)SATBp & s$13.25image
P512Klezmer Collection(Hall)SATBp & s$15.50image
P275Scottish Songs of Love and Loss(Hall)SATBp & s$15.50image
P615Second Klezmer Collection(Hall)SATBp & s$13.25image
P731Six More Scottish Island Tunes(Hall)SATBp & s$15.50image
P730Six Scottish Island Tunes(Hall)SATBp & s$15.50image
PAN 803Music Antiqua Polonica, Polish Music of the 1600s(Harras)SATBs$25.00image
4003Four Late 14th Century Pieces(Harriman)4is$3.00image
MK2073Quartet Book(Hechler)SATB(4i)p & s$28.00image
N3964Quartett Spielbuch I(Herrmann)4is$25.00image
N3962Quartett Spielbuch II(Herrmann)4is$28.50image
N4764Quartett Spielbuch III(Herrmann)4is$22.00image
SP 2378Airs of the Emerald Isle(Hettrick)SATBs$5.95image
SP 2324Four Carmina (a 4)(Hettrick)SATBs$2.50image
SP 2372Senior Prom(Hettrick)SATBs$6.95image
SP 2359Sweet Land of Liberty, Eleven Patriotic American Songs(Hettrick)SATBs$4.50image
SP 2375The Isle of Gentle Airs(Hettrick)SATBs$5.95image
N28624 Machen Music, UFA hit movie tunes(Hommes)SATBp & s$38.00image
N2797Folksongs from England, Ireland, and Scotland(Hommes)SATBs$21.00image
MHE10712Easy Baroque Consorts, 7 pieces(Hooker)SATBp & s$12.00image
ECS2033Daily Delight(Hurd)SATBs$9.75image
MK 826Jewish Folk Music(Koschig)SATBp & s$8.95image
RFS 22Careless Love(Koulman)SATBs$1.75image
RFS 20Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes(Koulman)SATBs$1.75image
RFS 24Rose of Tralee(Koulman)SATBs$1.75image
RFS 27The Ash Grove(Koulman)SATBs$2.00image
RFS 33The Whiffenpoof Song(Koulman)SATBp & s$5.00image
HASA 5Two Spirituals, Down by the Riverside & Swing Low, Sweet Chariot(Lewin, A.)SSATp & s$14.00image
ED 8916European Folk Songs(Linde)SATBs$15.95image
CVP 01All Through the Night(Lindvall)SATB4s$5.00image
CVP 19Infinite Light(Lindvall)(Sn)SATBp & s$7.00image
CVP 02The Ash Grove(Lindvall)(Sn)SATBp & s$7.00image
N4517Renaissance bis Romantik(Lutz)SATBs$26.00image
P 001Early Dance Music for Recorders(Mayes)SSATs$6.75image
P027Early Dance Music for Recorders, Vol. 2(Mayes)SSATs$7.00image
4020Chansons from the French Provinces, Vol. II(Miller)4i(4vo)s$4.00image
ANT 120Canzoni Venetiani(Monkemeyer)SATBs$11.95image
MK3601Dances from the 16 Century, Book 1(Monkemeyer)SATBs$16.00image
MK3605Dances from the 16th Century, Book 2(Monkemeyer)SATBs$16.00image
LPM DM 244 Italian Dances of the Sixteenth Century(Morrow)ATTB 4is$9.75image
LPM DM 344 Italian Dances of the Sixteenth Century, Volume II(Morrow)ATTBs$9.75image
LPM EML 1094 Pieces from the Mulliner Book(Mulliner)SATB4s$6.00image
MK2143Scarborough Fair and other Melodies, 5 tunes(Newerkla)SATBp & s$20.00image
MK 625Three Allemands from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book(Nitz)SATB (TrTrTB)s$4.00image
LPM TM 47Five Dutch Songs(Phalese)SATBs$4.50image
LPM TM 23Five Dutch Songs(Phalese)ATTB4s$10.75image
ED 8067Easy Recorder Quartets, from Beethoven to now(Reichelt)SATBs$16.95image
ED 7819Easy Recorder Quartets, from Hassler to Bach(Reichelt)SATBs$17.99image
UE 30113Folk Dance 1(Roelcke)SATBs$17.95image
MK 590/591Dances and Songs from South America, Vol. I(Schneider)SATB(G,perc)s$7.50image
MK 620/621Dances and Songs from South America, Vol. II(Schneider)SATB(G,perc)s$7.50image
HARB 37Valentines' Delight, Dance tunes arranged from A Choice Collection(Serviour)SATBp & s$14.00image
KTS 409Mon ami, Se serviteur, includes facsimile(Smith)ATTBp & s$7.00image
OFB 150Glogauer Liederbuch, 10 Pieces in 4 Parts(Stockert)SATBp & s$27.00image
MK 6503 Traditionals, Scarborough, All My Trials, etc.(Teschner)SATBs$4.50image
N2087B900 Miles... traditional songs, Book 1, parts(Teschner)SATBp$16.75image
N2087A900 Miles... traditional songs, Book 1, score(Teschner)SATBs$12.00image
MK 663/664European Folk Music: Foggy Dew, Pera stous, pera kambous, Anne de Bretagne(Teschner)SATBs$5.00image
DOL 132English Madrigals for Recorders, Volume II, 11 Madrigals for 4 Recorders(Thomas)SATBs$9.00image
LPM 102Playford Dances, Vol. 1, 68 Dances(Thomas)SATBs$15.00image
LPM 103Playford Dances, Vol. 2, 82 Dances(Thomas)SATBs$15.00image
MEM 1077ACiconia, Bach, Vivaldi, Finger, Rosenmuller, Maute: Flanders Recorder Quartet(Van Loey, Spanhove)3-4i4p$18.00image
MEM 1077Ciconia, Bach, Vivaldi, Finger, Rosenmuller, Maute: Flanders Recorder Quartet(Van Loey, Spanhove)3-4is$26.00image
MK 464/465Four Examples from Dodecachordon (Werdin)4is$6.00image
MK 503/504Yugoslavian Dance Suite(Werdin)S(Sn)ATBs$8.00image
FEB051Northern European Songs II(Wilbert)SATBp & s$30.00image
AP 141Ain't She Sweet?Ager & YellenAATBp & s$7.95image
AP 204Happy Days are Here AgainAger, YellinATBGbp & s$7.95image
IRCS 11Three Ricercars in Four Parts from Liver secundus sacrarum cantionumAichingerSATB (TrTTB)p & s$10.50image
N3776Concerto F-DurAlbinoniAAAT(B)p & s$29.75image
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