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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
HARA 127Bobby Shaftoe Variations(Bamforth)SSAAAATTp & s$9.50image
LPM RB 16Music from the Copenhagen Wind Collection III, 8 pieces in 8 partsAnthology8ip & s$17.00image
JR 18Sinfonia from Cantata 169Bach, J. S.SnSAATTB(Gb)p & s$16.50image
OMP 009Purple Neon for nine recordersEcclesSnSSAATTBBp & s$19.00image
LPM 550Ye Blessed BowersFarmerSSATTTBGb(8vo)11p & s$7.50image
LPM 549Witness, Ye HeavensFarnabySSATTTBB (8vo)11p & s$7.75image
MK1118Aria della BattagliaGabrieli, A.SSS(A)A(T)TTBBp & s$35.00image
LPM 501BattagliaGabrieli, A.8i(8vo)11p & s$11.75image
LPM VM 3Ricercar per sonar a 8Gabrieli, A.SSAATTBBp & s$9.50image
P 507Celtic SuiteHallSAATTBGbCbp & s$15.00image
MHE10505Sunrise to SunsetHallSAATTBGbCbp & s$16.00image
ASC 151The Tale of the Old Saguaro double quartets of bamboo flutes or recordersLeenhoutsSATBATGbCbp & s$35.00image
MK1130Aria della BattagliaPadovanoSSAATTBBp & s$25.00image
LPM ADC 124Bon jour, mon coeor a 8PevernageSSAATTBB10p & s$9.00image
SIEG013Ajo oloyin, Afrikanische Suite No. 6SiegAASSTTBB/AATTTBBBp & s$32.00image
8001 DSTwo Canonic Curiosities, director's scoreTallis and Byrd8is$2.50n/a