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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
YK21111The Joy of Piano Duets(Agay)Pfs$12.95image
YK21459The Joy of Two Pianos(Agay)PfPf2p$14.95image
00-21347Five Star Classical Duets(Alexander)Pfs$6.95image
50336660First Duet Book, New Edition(Diller, Quaile)Pfs$11.95image
4104116644 Original Piano Duets(Eckard)Pfs$19.99image
00-0083BGrand Duets for Piano, Players' Choice!(Flatau)Pfs$12.95image
ED 7257Piano Music for 6 hands, Volume 1(Goebels)Pfs$27.99image
ED 7258Piano Music for 6 hands, Volume 2(Goebels)Pfs$27.99image
00-5738Ensemble Book, Level 3, Seven 4 Part Ensembles for 4 Keyboards(Kowalchyk & Lancaster)4 Pfp$7.95image
FF1146Piano for Two, Book 2, Elementary(Matz)Pfs$5.95image
FF1158Piano for Two, Book 5 Intermediate(Matz)Pfs$6.50image
FF1163Piano for Two, Book 6 Late Intermediate(Matz)Pfs$5.95image
00-22507Essential Two-Piano Repertoire, 20 Late Intermediate to Early Advanced Works(Mauro & Beard)PfPfs$15.95image
BMC14102Four Centuries of Piano Duet Music, Book 3(McGraw)Pfs$7.95image
FF1157Together at the Piano, Book 2, Elementary, Duets for Student and Teacher(McLean)Pfs$5.50image
CH61185Duets You've Always Wanted to Play, Easy Classics for Piano Duet(Shaw)Pfs$19.95image
00-2232Duet Book, Level 2AlexanderPfs$6.95image
00-2394Duet Book, Level 4AlexanderPfs$6.99image
00-26544Sleigh RideAnderson, (Edwards)Pfs$5.99image
CPH3664Brother and Sister Ensembles for piano in 4 hands, Vol. 1AnthologyPfs$13.50image
CPH6209Brother and Sister Piano Duets, Petersburgian composers, Vol. 2AnthologyPfs$20.00image
CPH4015Brother and Sister Selected works of Petersbugian ComposersAnthologyPfs$16.50image
MZ17110Piano Ensembles for Children for 2 pianos 8 handsAnthologyPfPfs$19.50image
290541Heart and Soul & other Duet FavoritesAnthologyPfs$10.99image
IMC2416Suite No. 1, Opus 15 for Two Pianos, Four HandsArensky (Babin)PfPf2s$18.75image
41041280Sonata Innamorata S. 1 + 1Bach, P. D. Q.Pfs$12.95image
50289800Souvenirs , Op. 28 Arranged for Two PianosBarberPfPfs$19.95image
FF1264Dynamic Duets, Book 2BoberPfs$5.95image
50481742Hungarian Dances, Piano, 4 Hands, Book 1BrahmsPfs$10.95image
50481786Hungarian Dances, Piano, 4 Hands, Book 2BrahmsPfs$10.95image
00-681Waltzes, Opus 39Brahms (Levine)Pfs$6.95image
UE 211233 pieces for 6 hands at 1 pianoCornickPfs$14.95image
Z 138020Slovanic Dances for Piano, 4 HandsDvorakPfs$14.00image
50257440Slavic Dances, Op. 72, Books I and IIDvorak (von Doenhoff)Pfs$12.95image
00-PS0165Rhapsody in Blue, Two Pianos-Four hands (original)GershwinPfPfs$15.00image
00-PA9710A Gershwin MedleyGershwin (Haydon & Lyke)Pfs$6.95image
00-PA9910By StraussGershwin (Haydon & Lyke)Pfs$4.95image
PS0162Cuban Overture, Two pianos, four handsGershwin (Stone)PfPf2s$20.00image
50482400The BanjoGottschalk (Moross)PfPfs$8.95image
06-296113Norwegian Dances, Waltz-Caprices and other WorksGriegPfs$12.95image
00280825New York, New York, Ensemble for One Piano, Six HandsKander (Siskind)Pfs$4.99image
9447Malaguena (One Piano, Four Hands)LecuonaPfs$3.95image
CH55044Paganini Variations for Two PianosLutoslawskiPfPf2s$25.95image
00-17051Blue Parrot RagMierPfs$2.50image
EAS 14914Scaramouche pour deux pianosMilhaudPfPf2s$24.95image
00-050X0Heartstrings, IntermediateMillerPfPf2s$4.95image
EP8823Konzert A-dur, KV 488, edition for 2 Pianos, UrtextMozartPfPfs$21.50image
HN 767Konzert A-dur, KV 488, edition for 2 Pianos, UrtextMozartPfPfs$29.95image
HN 766Piano Concerto in C major, KV 467, Piano reduction UrtextMozartPfPfs$29.95image
EP1327Sonate und Fuge, KV 448, 426, 2klaviere zu 4 HandenMozart (Ruthardt)PfPf2s$22.00image
EP8821Piano Concerto No. 21, K 467 UrtextMozart (Wolff-Zacharias)PfPfs$21.50image
M060106804The Microjazz Duets Collection 1, Level 3NortonPfs$19.99image
M060106811The Microjazz Duets Collection 2, Level 4NortonPfs$16.95image
M060106828The Microjazz Duets Collection 3, Level 5NortonPfs$16.95image
CPH4040On the Festive NevaOkunevPfPf percp & s$13.50image
00-PA02284AValse and Romance- One Piano, Six HandsRachmaninoff (Hinson)PfPfPfs$7.99image
00-22554Ma Mère l'oye (Mother Goose Suite)Ravel (Kowalchyk & Lancaster)Pfs$7.50image
00-2275The Nutcracker & The Mouse King, Op. 46ReineckePfs$7.50image
ED21002Carmen Fantasy on themes from the operaRosenblattPfPfs$22.99image
50259010Second Concerto in g minor, Op. 22, for two pianosSaint-Saëns (Philipp)PfPfs$12.95image
EP9293BThe Carnival of the Animals for Two PianosSaint-Saens (Pommer)PfPf2s$26.00image
50258750Suite from The Nutcracker for Piano, Four-HandsTchaikovsky (Langer-Sternberg)Pfs$9.99image
50257530Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor ( Two Piano version)TschaikowskyPfPfs$9.95image
00-2234Duet Book, Level 3AlexanderPfs$6.95imageOut of stock
IMC 545Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056 arranged for Two PianosBach, J. S. (Fischer)PfPfs$10.50imageOut of stock
490343Sonata for two Pianists No. 1(Two Pianos, Four Hands)BollingPfPf,StB,Perc.p & s$35.00n/aOut of stock
ED 7575Ungarischer Tanz No. 5BrahmsPfs$5.95n/aOut of stock
50331320Requiem, Version for Piano, Four HandsBrahms (Van Camp)Pfs$24.95n/aOut of stock
9448Malaguena (Two Pianos, Four Hands)LecuonaPfPf2s$3.95n/aOut of stock
50255950Concerto No. 21 in C major, K 467, Two Piano ScoreMozart (Bischoff)PfPfs$9.99imageOut of stock
BA 4873aConcerto in D minor for Piano and Orchestra, No. 20, KV 466Mozart (Faber)PfPfs$28.00n/aOut of stock
312680Cole Porter Piano DuetsPorterPfs$7.95n/aOut of stock
ED21468Alice in Wonderland for 2 Pianos, 2 scoresRosenblattPfPF2s$28.99imageOut of stock