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CMP 304Ballad Tunes, Book 1, Woodycock, The Sick Tune, Greenholm(Gammie)GGGp & s$6.50image
CMP 312Farruca, Variations on a Traditional Flamenco Dance(Gammie)GGG(G)p & s$8.25image
50481160Music from the 18th Century Classics(Gavall)GG(G)s$11.95image
00865002Jazz Ballads, 15 Pieces, Essential Elements Guitar Ensembles(Henderson)GGGs$9.99image
99953Hymn & Sacred Song Collection for Guitar Ensemble- Easy(Hirsh)GGGGGp & s$12.95image
WH 29521From Praetorius to Shostakovitch(Jensen)2-5Gs$14.95image
20013Folk Songs of America and the British Isles, easy to intermediate(Mayes, Caluda, & Mallard)GGGG(Pf)p & s$14.95image
CH61467Classical Guitar Treasury, Duets and Ensembles(Noad)GG/GGGGFs$33.95image
00865001Rock Classics, 15 Pieces, Essential Elements Guitar Ensembles(Perlmutter)GGGs$9.95image
00-0928Ensembles for Guitar, Vol. 1(Salz)GGGGs$6.95image
00-19461Jerry Snyder's Guitar School, Ensemble Book 1(Snyder)GG/GGG/GGGGs$7.95image
00-19462Jerry Snyder's Guitar School, Ensemble Book 2(Snyder)GG/GGG/GGGGs$7.95image
ABRSM5113Music Medals Silver Guitar Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-4 Gs$10.95image
ABRSM5121Music Medals Gold Guitar Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-4 Gs$11.95image
ABRSM513XMusic Medals Platinum Guitar Ensemble PiecesAnthology (ABRSM)2-4 Gs$14.95image
JRG 5Chorale from Cantata No. 137 Lobe den HerrenBach, J. S. (Charlton)GGGGGGp & s$12.50image
VISS92134Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV 1067Bach, J. S. (Eriksson)GGGGGGPfp & s$32.00image
699307Jesu, Joy of Man's DesiringBach, J. S., (King)GGGG(bG)p & s$20.00image
25333 HLDivertissementBensaGGGGGGp & s$20.50image
CMP 351Baroque Airs & DancesClarkeGGGGp & s$6.00image
CMP 324The King of Denmark's GalliardDowland (Gammie)GGG(G)p & s$5.75image
CMP 273Bath Water MusicDuarteGGGGG Percp & s$12.50image
CMP 271Cannington Collage, A Choice of Chopsticks for 6 guitars, Op. 110DuarteGGGGGGp & s$12.00image
26044 HLSummerset folliesDuarteGGGGGGp & s$20.50image
CMP 349...by yonder oak treeGammieGGGGp & s$6.50image
CMP 345ContradanzaGammieGGGGG(B)p & s$8.50image
CMP 399La Castaña (Malagueña)GammieGGGp & s$8.75image
CMP 384La TramontanaGammieGGG(G)p & s$8.50image
CMP 310Los PalmerosGammieGGGGBp & s$6.75image
CMP 263Tango BetuláceoGammieGGG(GB)p & s$10.75image
CMP 339Variational Anthem, Theme and five variationsGammieGGGp & s$5.25image
EB 3600Concerto d'EstateGilardinoG/GGGGs$20.00image
G1043Everybodys Guitar Ensembles 1, with CDGroeber, Hoge, SanchezGGGGs CD$8.95image
CMP 291South of the BorderHastedGGGG(G)p & s$15.50image
CMP 388Springtide, Four Guitar TriosHastedGGGGGGp & s$13.00image
CMP 332Tangomania for 8 guitars or Guitar OrchestraKnoxGGGGGGGGp & s$12.00image
CMP 373SambaMontesGGGGp & s$10.00image
DZ 268Fantasia sur une chanson japonaiseOgawaGGGGGGp & s$26.00image
CMP 317Five Past TwoPowerGGGGGBp & s$7.25image
UE 18981Nine Jazz Pieces for 1 to 4 GuitarsRuss1-4G2s$19.95image
DO 025Concerto Grosso, Op. 3, No. 8Vivaldi (Gerrits/Chandonnet)GGGGGGGp & s$18.00image
25335 HLLargo et LarghettoVivaldi (Rivoal)GGGG/GGGp & s$12.00image
27058 HLAmerican ProcessionalWilsonGGG(G)p & s$17.95image
DO 225AtticYorkGGGGGGGGGp & s$39.00image
CMP 371Pacific Coast HighwayYorkGGGGp & s$10.00image
SM 107CarnavalitoZaradinGGGGF Percp & s$9.25image
CMP 258A French Folksong Medley, Easy ensemble with Teacher's acc.(Gammie)3-7Gp & s$8.50n/aOut of stock
CMP 343Oh Danny Boy(Gammie)GGGB(G)p & s$5.50n/aOut of stock
CMP 307The Five- Piece Suite, 5 Very Easy Pieces(Gammie)GGG(G)p & s$5.00n/aOut of stock