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AM 60260Rounds for Children(Anon)2-6vo(2-6i)s$12.99image
50327140Songs of Yale(Bartholomew)satb Pfs$19.95image
00-LG52722Four Chinese Childern's Songs(Baxter)sa Pfs$1.40image
3.0303/ B288Invitation to the Partsong 2, Partsong satb(Bush and Hurd)satbs$13.00image
3.0491/ B491Invitation to the Partsong 3, Shakespeare Settings(Bush and Hurd)4-5 vos$13.00image
3.3264/ B642Invitation to the Partsong 4, Glees and Madrigals(Bush and Hurd)satbs$12.00image
B334Invitation to the Partsong 6, Ayres for satb by Dowland(Bush and Hurd)satbs$16.00image
1.5138/ B165Invitation to the Partsong I, Rounds and Catches(Bush and Hurd)3-5 vos$9.85image
1.5106Invitation to Madrigals, Book 1(Dart)sabs$9.95image
1.5088Invitation to Madrigals, Book 2(Dart)satbs$10.45image
1.5135Invitation to Madrigals, Book 3(Dart)ssas$9.95image
1.5217Invitation to Madrigals, Book 4(Dart)sa(tb)s$10.45image
1.5103Invitation to Madrigals, Book 5(Dart)satbs$9.95image
3.5655/ X11Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 1(Dart)1-3vo(1-3i)s$15.75image
3.5571/ X12Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 2(Dart)2-5vo(2-5i)s$15.50image
19343539XThe Oxford Book of French Chansons(Dobbins)3-7vo(3-7i)s$28.95image
2.302.00Makumbebe, Latin American Choral Repertoire(Guinand)satb Percs$20.25image
193436477The Oxford Book of Italian Madrigals(Harman)3-5vos$24.00image
2.142.00Christmas Carols of the World, Coro SATB, 85 Arrangements, with CD (Hempfling)4-8 vos CD$42.00image
00-23080We Three Kings accompaniment for 23075-23078(Herold, Beck)FASxTrptTbGPercp & s$30.00image
ED11242A Book of Christmas Music(Horton)variouss$14.95image
ED 7588Das Kanon Buch, 400 Kanons aus 8 Jahrhunderten(Jaskulsky)1-6vo is$30.00image
03.201.00Die Kurrende, Band 1, 117 Hymns(Kelletat)4-5 vos$7.25image
0193533226The New Oxford Book of Carols, 702 p. paper cover(Keyte & Parrott)1-4vo is$65.00n/a
9780193368415English Church Music, Vol. I Anthems and Motets(King)4-8 vos$24.95image
9780193368446English Church Music, Vol. II Canticles and Responses(King)4-8 vos$24.95image
TRG 06BSecular Songs of the Polish Renaissance II(Lawrence & Soltysik)3-6 vos$18.00image
0193436640The Oxford Book of English Madrigals(Ledger)3-6vo(3-6i)s$25.95image
NV 50047The Novello Book of Carols Part Two(Llewellyn)1-8vo(1-8i)s$8.95image
2.120.00Chorbuch a tre, 160 works, paper cover(Mailander, Schuhenn, Sengstschmid)sabs$44.00image
193534070A Sixteenth-Century Anthem Book, Sixth Ed.(Morris)satbs$16.50image
193533257The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems(Morris)4-8 vo (Pf)s$25.95image
BL372Masters in this Hall, TB, accompanied(Rentz)tb Pfs$1.60n/a
GM3200Introduction to the Italian Madrigal for Four Voices(Roche)4vo satbs$17.00image
GM3201The Flower of the Italian Madrigal, Vol. I: Animuccia-Marenzio(Roche)5-6 vos$20.00image
GM3202The Flower of the Italian Madrigal, Vol. II: Monte-Willaert(Roche)5-6 vos$20.00image
PAN 902Die Kanonspirale(Roosli, Willisegger)2-6is$12.50image
HE13.036Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ, four settings 2-4 instruments or voices(Ruhland)2-4 vo, 2-4 is$7.00image
2.211.00Wiegenlieder, German Lullabies 41 songs, paper cover, with CD(Schumacher, Walka)satbs CD$36.00image
1.5211Invitation to Madrigals, Book 6(Scott)ssatb/ssatbbs$10.45image
1.5105Invitation to Madrigals, Book 7(Scott)ssatb/ssatbbs$9.95image
8744813A Cappella Jazz Broadway(Sharon)4-5 vos$6.00image
8744372A Cappella Jazz Classics(Sharon)4-5 vos$6.00image
8743235A Cappella Jazz Standards, Vol. I(Sharon)4-5 vos$10.00image
50481497The Shaw-Parker Book of Christmas Carols(Shaw-Parker)satbs$15.95image
ECS2038Catch that Catch Can, 100 English Rounds and Catches(Simpson)3-6 vos$10.45image
TRG 91Proverbs in Canons(Soltysik)2-6 vos$10.50image
3.1123Eight rounds for 3 equal voices, Farthing, Daggere, Cooper, Lloyd(Stevens)3 vos$4.65image
3.1109/ B331Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 5(Stevens)1-5vo(1-5i)s$14.50image
3.1110/ B326Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 6, Carols(Stevens)1-3vo(1-3i)s$16.50image
LG00888Rounds for Everyone from Everywhere(Terri)2-8 vos$4.95image
8602134The King's Singers 25th Anniversary Jubilee(The King's Singers)satbs$7.95image
8740307The King's Singers Choral Library, Vol. 1(The King's Singers)satbs$5.95image
8740308The King's Singers Choral Library, Vol. 2(The King's Singers)satbs$5.95image
3.1225/ B316Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 3(Trowell)1-4vo(1-4i)s$11.10image
3.0317/ B317Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 4(Trowell)1-3vo(1-3i)s$11.00image
2.602.00Paderborner Chorbuch, Sacred music from the 1900s for Male Choir(Tusch & Paderborn)3-8 vo Orgs$27.00image
H7959Pars II, Tropi Ordinarii Missae, Kyrie Eleison, Gloria in Excelsis Deu, 12 Plate(Vlhova-Worner)vos$45.00image
H8017Pars III, Tropi Ordinarii Missae, Sanctus, 12 plates(Vlhova-Worner)vos$45.00image
H8030Pars IV, Tropi Ordinarii Missae, Agnus Dei, 8 plates(Vlhova-Worner)vos$42.00image
2.204.10Chorissimo! Blue, full score with instructions in German(Weigele & Brecht)sa Pf percs$59.00image
3.3341/ B684Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 7(Whitbourn)1-3vos$11.00image
01.539.00Miserere, Psalm 51(50)Allegrissatbs$2.50image
02.016.05English Choral Music, Motets and Anthems from Byrd to Elgar, choir copyAnthology4-6 vo Organs$25.00image
2.016.00English Choral Music, Motets and Anthems from Byrd to Elgar, with CDAnthology4-6 vo Organs$29.75image
70.100.00Geistliches Chorbuch der Romantik 80 worksAnthologysatbs$25.25image
2.212.00Liebes Lieder, 40 love songs with CDAnthologysatbs CD$32.00image
PF 63Madrigales, The Triumphes of Oriana, facsimileAnthology5-6vo6p$45.00image
NOV164681Novello Shakespeare Choral collection, old texts, new musicAnthologysatb Pfs$19.95image
7.515.00Ecce quam bonum, Psalm 133Antogninissa Pfs$2.00image
9.666.00'Tis winter nowAyressatbs$2.00image
9.664.00Beautiful, the azure skyAyresssaattbbs$4.00image
9.665.00Te lucis ante terminumAyresssatbs$5.00image
2.015.00Motets and ChorusesBach, C. P. E. & Homiliussatb Pfs$22.50image
30.570.00Merk auf, mein, Herz, und sieh dorthin, full scoreBach, J. Christophsatb satb Bcs$15.50image
30.605.01Furchtet euch nicht, full scoreBach, J. M.satb satbs$12.00image
2.098.10Awake my heart, Bach chorale collection for the EucharistBach, J. S.4-8 vos$11.50image
4.023.00Luther-Lieder, 30 Bach Chorales for four part choirBach, J. S.satbs$18.00image
31.250.00Drei Chorale zur Trauung, BWV 250-252, full scoreBach, J. S.satb HHOOdVVVaBcs$9.00image
BA 888Schemelli Song Book and six Lieder BWV 439-507/511-514, 516,517, original keyBach, J. S. s Bcs$18.00image
9.165.00Maifest, Op. 52, 4Beethoven/ Gottwaldsatb satbs $8.25image
9.821.00Create a new beautiful problemBetzner-Brandtsmatb smatbs$11.75image
0193530589A Blow Anthology, 8 AnthemsBlowsatb(Pf)s$19.95image
9.114.00Trois Fragments du Miroir de JesusCaplet/ Gottwaldssssaaaattttbbbbs $11.50image
9.208.101. Malaguena, Tres CiudadesDinursatbbs$1.50image
9.208.202. Barrio de Cordoba, Tres CiudadesDinurssaattbbs$1.50image
9.208.303. Baile, Tres CiudadesDinurssaattbbs$2.00image
1110Come Again, Sweet LoveDowlandsatbs$1.05n/a
1.5104Say, Love, if ever Thou Didst FindDowlandsatbs$1.05n/a
9.656.00Dreamscape, Text: Edgar Allan PoeEldersatb Pfs$2.50image
9.645.00Factus est repenteEldersatbs$1.50image
9.657.00Into the Wordless, Text: WhitmanElderssatbb (perc)s$4.00image
9.671.00Verbum caro factum estEldersatbs$1.50image
91.272.00Requiem, IV voicesEttsatbs$6.50image
27.083.00Missa a 16 voci, full score Fasch, C. F. C.4 satb Orgs$72.00image
27.083.03Missa a 16 voci, vocal score Fasch, C. F. C.4 satb Orgs$42.00image
9.147.00Deux melodies, La Lune blanche and DanseuseFaure (Gottwald)saatbbs$7.00image
7.380.50Jubilate DeoFerrariossaas$3.50image
19.052.50Lichtmesse, chorus and Organ partGabrielsatb Orgs$29.50image
19.052.00Lichtmesse, full scoreGabrielsatb 2O2BsnBrassOrgs$74.00image
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