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Childrens Cantata Orff

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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
SP 2414Bluegrass for Beginners, Songs for Recorders and Orff Instruments(Amchin)SA G percs$8.95image
SP 2403Seeds of Discovery(Amchin)SA Orff insts$8.95image
SP 2406Seeds of World Discovery, Introducing Alto, World Music(Amchin)SA Orff insts$8.95image
SP 2370PA Ram Sam Jam plus Three, 10 sets of parts(Bonner)SS percp & s$19.95image
SP 2370A Ram Sam Jam plus Three, Score, parts, CD(Bonner)SS percp & s$17.95image
SP 2370SA Ram Sam Jam plus Three, set of parts(Bonner)SS percp & s$2.50image
SP 2383CDLet Freedom Ring, 8 Arrangements of Patriotic Songs, CD(Bonner)S CD$12.95image
SP 2383BLet Freedom Ring, 8 Arrangements of Patriotic Songs, Score(Bonner)S s$5.95image
SP 2383Let Freedom Ring, Score and CD(Bonner)S CDp$19.95image
SP 2369PMasterwork Themes for 3 soprano recorders, 10 sets of parts(Bonner)SSSs$19.95image
SP 2369BMasterwork Themes for 3 soprano recorders, score(Bonner)SSSs$6.95image
SP 2369SMasterwork Themes for 3 soprano recorders, set of parts(Bonner)SSSs$2.50image
SP 2369Masterwork Themes for Three Soprano Recorders(Bonner)SSSs CD$17.95image
CM 1024First Performance(Burakoff and Strickland)SS (vo,A, Orff inst)s$4.00image
SP 2393Folk Songs from a World Apart(Davidson)SS Orff insts$4.95image
CM 1017Folk Melodies of the Orient(Dietz)SA percs$4.00image
SP 2331American Pentatonic, Six Songs from Our Musical Heritage(Eddleman)SSPf percp & s$3.75image
SP 2338Border Crossings, Five Songs from East and West(Eddleman)SS(A) Pf vo percp & s$4.75image
MK 357European Dance Tunes I(Fegers)SSAB Pf, percs$3.50image
MK 394European Dance Tunes II(Fegers)SSAB G Orffs$3.50image
MK 418Suite After Scottish Folk Tunes(Fegers)4-5i Orff percs$5.50image
UE36488The Best of Time & Rhythm, Easy pieces(Fortin & Heidecker)SS (SA) percs$21.95image
UE36489The Best of Time & Rhythm, Intermediate level pieces(Fortin & Heidecker)SSA percs$21.95image
UE 30216Time & Rhythm, Vol. 1(Fortin & Heidecker)SSA Pf percs$10.95image
UE 30217Time & Rhythm, Vol. 2(Fortin & Heidecker)SSA(T) Pf percs$16.95image
UE 30270Time & Rhythm, Vol. 3(Fortin & Heidecker)SA (Pf,G,perc)s$16.95image
UE 30373Time & Rhythm, Vol. 4(Fortin & Heidecker)SA(T)(Pf,G,perc)s$17.95image
UE 30450Time & Rhythm, Vol. 5(Fortin & Heidecker)SSA Pf(G) percs$17.95image
STAP 22Ten Folk Carols for Christmas(Frazee)voSA perc (Orff)s$8.95image
MK2055Spielbuch fur den Anfang, Erstes Heft. Music for Beginners, Bk 1, songs, tunes(Hechler)S vos$19.00image
MK2056Spielbuch fur den Anfang, Zweites Heft. Music for Beginners, Bk 2, songs, tunes(Hechler)S vos$12.00image
MK2054Frohlich Klingen unsre Lieder (Merry sound our songs)(Irnich)vo SS percs$22.00image
MK 306Viva la Musica, Well known Canons to sing and play(Irnich)3-4vo, S(F) percs$2.00image
2.450.00Kinderlieder ause Deutschland und Europa, cloth cover with CD(James, von Holleben, Schindler)vo (G,Pf)s CD$24.00image
SP 2385Keeping It Simple(Judah-Lauder)SA perc.s$8.95image
SMC 78Singing and Playing at Christmas, 1(Keetman & Ronnefeld)SS perc vo (Orff)s$14.99image
STAP 556Singing and Playing at Christmas, 2(Keetman & Ronnefeld)SS perc vo (Orff)s$9.95image
SMC 557Singing and Playing at Christmas, 3(Keetman & Ronnefeld)SS perc vo (Orff)s$9.95image
ED 4869Cancoes das criancas brasileiras(Regner)voS perc (Orff)s$18.99image
UE 30251Folk Songs International 1(Roelcke)SS(AA)s$11.95image
UE 30252Folk Songs International 2(Roelcke)SSs$9.95image
UE 19804Folklore International 1(Roelcke)AAVs$8.95image
UE 19805Folklore International 2(Roelcke)3is$8.95image
UE 19806Folklore International 3(Roelcke)AAVs$14.95image
SP 2301Round & Round(Rothberger)vo, SS, Orff inst.s$2.00image
CM 1027The Ensemble Recorder, Book 2(Rothgarber)SS perc vo (Orff)s$4.00image
PAN 242O Susanna, Folksongs and Dances(Ruegg/ Keller)SS Orffs$12.50image
CM 1003The Ensemble Recorder, Book 1(Wheeler)SS perc vo (Orff)s$4.00image
12.095.10Mein Herz ist bereit, Lieder uber Gott und die Welt for Kinderchor, full scoreAnthologyvo Pf is$39.25image
ST 10342Rule Britannia and Other Patiotic TunesArne, Handel, PurcellSS Pfs$7.95image
SP 2368CDPlymouth Rock for 2 soprano recorders and stage band CD acc. CD ArnoldCDCD$12.95image
SP 2368Plymouth Rock for 2 soprano recorders and stage band CD acc. CD and scoreArnoldSS CDs$14.95image
SP 2368PPlymouth Rock for 2 soprano recorders and stage band, 10 pack scoresArnoldSS10s$19.95image
SP 2368SPlymouth Rock for 2 soprano recorders and stage band, scoresArnoldSSs$2.95image
MK 186Rhythmische MiniaturenBialasSS Orff perc.s$2.00image
SP 2376CDThe Big Easy, Six note tour of the soprano recorder, CDBonnerS CDCD$12.95image
SP 2376The Big Easy, Six note tour of the soprano recorder, score, CDBonnerS CDs CD$14.95image
ST 6584Carols and Anthems, Book lCarleyvoSnSAA (Orff)s$10.95image
ST 6591Carols and Anthems, Book llCarleyvoSnSAA (Orff)s$9.95image
PEL 915Es wollt ein Schneider wandernCoenenvo, SS, Orff inst.s$2.50n/a
MK 199Kinderzirkus Bum, Children's CircusCoenenS vo, Orff percs$5.50image
MK 180March of the thick, fat, PancakeCoenen4vo, SS Orff percs$2.50image
ETF2060Kopfnusse - modern techniqueDorwarthrs$18.00image
MK 611/612The Cuckoo, A Merry Children's ConcertFixSAT, C Pf percp & s$6.00image
MK 266The Unthankful FlounderGadschvo, SA, VV, Orffs$2.00image
MK2209Wenn Tiere traumen, If Animals Dream, German textGraapS/A vo Pfp & s$15.00image
UE 30304Selections from Peer Gynt, Children on StageGrieg (Dobretsberger)2i(C, Bflat)BPf percp & s$19.95image
UE 19633Harry's CalypsoHaberlF(S)Pf(Perc)p & s$10.95image
SP 2410RCool 'Corders, nine intermediate arrangements for soprano with CDHarrisS Pf, CDp & s, CD$19.95image
SP 2410RCDCool 'Corders, nine intermediate arrangements for soprano, CDHarrisS PfCD$13.00image
SP 2410RBCool 'Corders, nine intermediate arrangements for soprano, scoreHarrisS Pfp & s$6.95image
SP 2374PCountry Swing, 10 sets of partsHarrisSS10p$19.95image
SP 2374CDCountry Swing, CDHarrisSSCD$12.95image
SP 2374SCountry Swing, partHarrisSSp$2.50image
SP 2374Country Swing, Score, CD, partsHarrisSSp & s CD$17.95image
SP 2371Swingin' Recorders, Score, parts and CDHarrisSSp & s$17.95image
SP 2371SSwingin' Recorders, set of partsHarrisSSp & s$2.00image
UE 30310Selected Pieces from The Cunning Little Vixen, Children on StageJanácek (Dobretsberger)2i, B, Pf, Percp & s$24.95image
SP 2415iT Takes 2, with CD .pdf and .WAV filesJudah-LauderSA Pf perc Orffs CD$24.95image
SP 2412Recorder Games, Soprano Recorder Classroom ActivitiesJudah-LauderSs CD$24.95image
SP 2407Recorder Stack Charts, 18 Color Coded Charts for Soprano and Alto Judah-LauderSA$10.95n/a
SP 2394Sounds 'n Beats, Soprano Recorder Duets with Hand DrumJudah-LauderSS percs$8.95image
ST 3625Pieces for Recorder and Drum, Vol. 1KeetmanSS perc (Orff)s$10.95image
ST 6587Pieces for Recorder and Drum, Vol. 2KeetmanSS perc (Orff)s$10.95image
ST 3575Recorder and PercussionKeetmanSSATperc (Orff)s$10.95image
ST 6359Rhythmische UbungKeetmanvo (Orff)s$10.95image
ST 5589Songs for the SchoolKeetmanSSA perc (Orff)s$10.95image
ST 4865Music for Children, Vol. I Pentatonic, Murray ed.Keetmanvo (Orff)s$19.95image
ST 4866Music for Children, Vol. II Major, Murray ed.Keetmanvo (Orff)s$19.95image
ED 4867Music for Children, Vol. III Major, Murray ed.Keetmanvo (Orff)s$22.00image
ED10920Music for Children, Vol. V Minor, Murray ed.Keetmanvo (Orff)s$22.00image
MK 445Pentatonikum, Funny Pieces for Soprano and PercussionKeller-LowySS percs$2.50image
UE 31164Selected Pieces from Háry János, Teens on StageKodály (Schwertsik)2i, B, Pf, Percp & s$26.95image
MK2122Folk with RecordersKoneke and Hempel4-5 rec G percp & s$25.00image
HASA 4Miss-Fits, 3 tunesLewinSSS percp & s$13.50image
HASA 2Oddbods at Sea, A Flotilla of MisfitsLewinSSS percp & s$13.50image
HASA 1Oddbods, A Sheaf of MisfitsLewinSSS percp & s$13.50image
HASA 06Beasties! Lewin, A.SSS percp & s$14.00image
MK 353Vier Miniaturen, Four MiniaturesLindeSA Percs$3.50image
MK2208Das verruckte Schaf MathildeMartiniA vos text$18.50image
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