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Z14848Easy Trios - for optional combinations of instruments(Andras)V(FO)V(FOCl)C(BsnVa)p & s$19.95image
TNTL3The Never Too Late Ensemble, Book Three, Carols and Chorales for Christmas(Barron)VVVaCs$15.00image
TNTL4The Never Too Late Ensemble, So Tenderly, Nostalgic Jazz Ballads(Barron)VVVaCs$15.00image
TNTLThe Never Too Late Ensembles for Adults(Barron)VVVs$15.00image
TNTL2The Never Too Late Ensembles for Adults, Book Two(Barron)VVVs$15.00image
BMC 12550String Music of the Baroque Era(Clarke)VVVaCp & s$15.00image
PAN 816Wind music from the Philidor Collection(Erig)4-6 is$23.00image
CMP 449Ye Waites' First Fayke Booke(Gammie)Tr(SA,V)Tn(Va)Bp & s$17.50image
ST 389016 Pieces by Old Masters(Hillemann)AAVs$12.95image
CM48A Jewish Wedding Suite(Isaacson)FVCp & s$12.50image
CVP 43Suo Gan-Welsh Lullaby(Lindvall)A Vdg(T) Pfp & s$5.00image
BFS 7The Harp that once thru Tara's Halls(Loux)vo Pf, SAATBp & s$15.00image
GE30Chamber Music for Guitar and Strings(Nance & Godla)GVVVaCp & s$9.75image
BFS 1Country Gardens(Phelps)vo Pf & 1-5ip & s$6.50image
PM221664RThree's a Crowd, Brass Junior Book A(Power)TptTptTbnp$8.95image
PM221462RThree's a Crowd, Clarinet Junior Book A(Power)Clp$8.95image
PM221361RThree's a Crowd, Flute Junior Book A(Power)Fp$8.95image
PM221765RThree's a Crowd, Piano Acc. Junior Book A(Power)Pfp$8.95image
PM221563RThree's a Crowd, Saxophone Junior Book A(Power)ASxASxTSxp$8.95image
PM235266RThree's a Crowd, Violin. Junior Book A(Power)VVVp$8.95image
PM178504RThree's A Crowd, Book 1, Brass(Power)TptTptTrbs$8.95image
PM178302RThree's A Crowd, Book 1, Clarinet(Power)ClClCls$8.95image
PM178201RThree's A Crowd, Book 1, Flute(Power)FFFs$8.95image
PM178605RThree's A Crowd, Book 1, Piano Accompaniment(Power)Pfs$8.95image
PM178403RThree's A Crowd, Book 1, Saxophone(Power)ASxASxTSxs$8.95image
PM234106RThree's A Crowd, Book 1, Violin(Power)VVVs$8.95image
PM189824RThree's A Crowd, Book 2, Brass(Power)TptTptTbns$8.95image
PM189622RThree's A Crowd, Book 2, Clarinet(Power)ClClCls$8.95image
PM189521RThree's A Crowd, Book 2, Flute(Power)FFFs$8.95image
PM189925RThree's A Crowd, Book 2, Piano Accompaniment(Power)Pfs$8.95image
PM189723RThree's A Crowd, Book 2, Saxophone(Power)ASxASxTSxs$8.95image
PM234626RThree's A Crowd, Book 2, Violin(Power)VVVs$8.95image
SBG01'T Uitnement Kabinet I(Rasch)S(V,F)s$32.00image
SBG02'T Uitnement Kabinet II(Rasch)SS(VV,FF)s$30.00image
SBG03'T Uitnement Kabinet III(Rasch)SSS (TTT)2s$30.00image
SBG04'T Uitnement Kabinet IV(Rasch)S(V) Bcp & s$35.00image
SBG05'T Uitnement Kabinet V(Rasch)A(V) Bcp & s$35.00image
SBG07'T Uitnement Kabinet VII(Rasch)V Vdg Bcp & s$42.00image
SBG08'T Uitnement Kabinet VIII(Rasch)V Vdg Bcp & s$58.00image
SBG09'T Uitnement Kabinet IX, Italian Pieces for two high instruments and and bass(Rasch)VV Bcp & s$35.00image
SBG10'T Uitnement Kabinet X, Dutch Pieces for two high instruments and and bass(Rasch)VV Bcp & s$33.00image
GKM 141Easy Pieces from Old England(Scheit)A(G)Gp & s$16.50image
00-4484Wedding for Guitar(Snyder)G (GFVA)p & s(TAB)$10.95image
97136Tunes for Three, 20 Easy trios for C, C, and Bass(Stent)3is$9.95image
97137Tunes for Three; C, B flat, and bass(Stent)C,B flat,Bs$9.95image
4471040Seventy Eight Duets, Vol. 1, Easy-Medium(Voxman)FCls$8.95image
4471050Seventy Eight Duets, Vol. 2, Advanced(Voxman)FCls$7.95image
LPM EM 6Twenty-five Masque Dances(Walls & Thomas)S(V,O,F,Tr)Bcp & s$11.75image
BP 16482 Quartets for Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello, II in F Major, IV in D MajorAbelFVVaC Bcp & s$35.00image
CL007Quartet No. 3 for Flute, Violin, Viola da Gamba and CelloAbelFVVdgCp & s$12.00image
CMP 150Sonata in A majorAbelV(Va,C)GGp & s$7.00image
LMP 119Adagio in G MinorAlbinoniA(T,F)C(Vdg)Pfp & s$5.50image
MR1639AConcerto a Cinque in C Major, Op. 9, No. 5, edition for Oboe and KeyboardAlbinoniO Pfp & s$19.50image
MR1639BConcerto a Cinque in C Major, Op. 9, No. 5, Score and string partsAlbinoniOVVVaC Bcp & s$50.00image
MR1868AConcerto a Cinque in F Major, Op. 9, No. 3, Oboe and KeyboardAlbinoniOO Pfp & s$26.00image
MR1868BConcerto a Cinque in F Major, Op. 9, No. 3, Score and string partsAlbinoniOOVVVaC Bcp & s$62.00image
CON 2Sinfonia a 4, scoreAlbinoniVVVa Bcs$15.00image
CON 2-11Sinfonia a 4, Violin IAlbinoniVp$2.00n/a
CON 2-12Sinfonia a 4, Violin IIAlbinoniVp$2.00n/a
CON 2-13Sinfonia a 4, part 3 ViolinAlbinoniVp$2.00n/a
CON 2-14Sinfonia a 4, part 3 ViolaAlbinoniVap$2.00n/a
CON 2-15Sinfonia a 4, celloAlbinoniCp$2.00n/a
CON 1Sinfonia G major, scoreAlbinoniVVVa Bcs$15.00image
CON 1-11Sinfonia G major, Violin IAlbinoniVp$2.50n/a
CON 1-12Sinfonia G major, Violin IIAlbinoniVp$2.00n/a
CON 1-13Sinfonia G major, part 3 ViolinAlbinoniVp$2.00n/a
CON 1-14Sinfonia G major, part 3 ViolaAlbinoniVap$2.00n/a
CON 1-15Sinfonia G major, celloAlbinoniCp$2.00n/a
DM 287PTSAdagio e Fuga, parts onlyAlbrechtsbergerVVVVaCp$29.00image
MK1114SonataAnonymousAF Bcp & s$21.00image
MK9006Ander Theil, Ausserlesener Paduanen und GalliardenAnthology5 is$26.00image
BP 376Aria di camera per flauto solo, A Collection of Scotch, Irish and Welsh AirsAnthologyS(T,F,V)s$26.00image
MK9003Canzoni di Diversi con Ogni Sorte di Stromenti, A Quatro, Cinque & Sei VociAnthology4-6 is$23.00image
96592BCDChamber Music for GuitarAnthologyV(F)Gs CD$19.95image
NMA 212Christmastide Chamber Music: Bach, Telemann, Werner, PergolesiAnthologyVVC Bcp & s$18.00image
U HS131Italian Masters of the 17th Century, 9 DuetsAnthologyS Vdgs$17.50image
MK9005Monumenta Musicae, Erster Theil, Paduanen and Galliardern in 5 partsAnthology (Monkemeyer)5is$25.00image
VDGS 30AThree Sonatas (1737?), Op. 1, No. VIIIAntoniottoCC(VdgVdg), C(Vdg) Bcp & s$15.00image
VDGS 30BThree Sonatas (1737?), Op. 1, No. XAntoniottoCC(VdgVdg), C(Vdg) Bcp & s$15.00image
VDGS 30CThree Sonatas (1737?), Op. 1, No. XIIAntoniottoCC(VdgVdg), C(Vdg) Bcp & s$17.00image
HM 221Stockholm SonatasAriostiVa Bcp & s$24.50image
CP 652Stockholmer Sonaten 1-3 fur Viola d'amore und Bc, with scordatura partAriostiVda Bcp & s$17.00image
BFS 4Rule BritanniaArnevo Pf & 1-5ip & s$6.50image
PAT60550SPDivertimento for Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet, part setArnoldFOClp$17.95image
PAT60550SCDivertimento for Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet, scoreArnoldFOCls$13.95image
EW 819Cassatio in D AumannS(T) VVVaCp & s$20.00image
MK 761Alab and Drive for Tenor and Bass Recorders and double bassAutenriethTB B3s$7.00image
MK 742Late pleasuresAutenriethSVs$5.50image
AV A 088 Symphonies for Bass and TrebleAutori variBV(Tr) Bcp & s$25.00image
H 128Concerto in C majorBabellS Pfp & s$7.95image
NM 122Concerto in G, Opus 3 No. 4BabellSVVC Bcp & s$19.95image
BP 36112 Little Two and Three - Part Pieces Wq 81Bach, C. P. E.FF (VV) Pfp & s$16.00image
HN990Gamba Sonatas, Wq 88, 136, 137, for Viol da Gamba (Viola)Bach, C. P. E.Vdg (Va) Bcp & s$68.95image
MK1074Triosonata d minorBach, C. P. E.FV Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 967Triosonata in G major, Wq 153Bach, C. P. E.F(O)V Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 341Triosonate in B-dur, Wq 161 Nr. 2Bach, C. P. E.F(V)V Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 339Triosonate in c-moll, Wq 161 Nr. 1Bach, C. P. E.VV Bcp & s$19.00image
16.003.00Triosonate in D, Wq 151Bach, C. P. E.FV Bcp & s$23.00image
BP0358Triosonate in d-moll, Wq 145Bach, C. P. E.FV Bcp & s$24.00image
BP 350Triosonate in G-dur, Wq 152Bach, C. P. E.F(V)V Bcp & s$22.00image
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